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1)Size and weight: M222S 44x10mm, 86grams vs. Zhufeng 38.5x8mm, 54grams

2)Strap: M222’s calf leather vs Zhufeng’s alligator leather

2)Looking at the style, while M222S is more of leisure, Zhufeng is more of formal dress

3)Both layout is similar, with independent second hand. Clean and simple design.

4)While M222S does not have hacking fuction, Zhufeng has.

5)Both of them are hand-winding, sold about the same price (Zhufeng is priced about 7% higher).

6)M222’s hand-winding sound is enjoyable, like riding a Harley Davidson. Hand-winding Zhufeng is quiet, like pedalling a manual bike.

8)Black-and-white M222S has strong luminous hands and hour markers. Orange hands M222S and Zhufeng do not.

7)The surface of both movements is well-polished.

9)Sea-Gull ST3600 sets a high standard. It is actually a pocket watch on wrist. Its big size has inherent advantages. Sea-Gull pocket watches using the same movement are selling at much higher prices than M222S.

Measured on a test instrument, ST3600 +8 +7 +10 seconds/day at three positions vs. SB18 +19 +28 +20 at the same three positions. Both of movements are running well, easily qualify for triple-A(AAA) category of 30 sec positional discrepancy set by industry standard.

Here I would like to make a note that while the vast majority of new Sea-Gulls are set to run faster, new Beijings are factory pre-set to run faster than Sea-Gulls on average.

There are lots of questions asked me about the accuracy. If a watch is running consistently 10 seconds faster or slower, by theory it can be fine-tuned to be 0 second. If a watch is running irregularly with big positional difference, then it is of poor quality even if faster and slower pace cancel each other net to be 0 second after several days. Also, it is doubtful to hear anyone claims to have 1-2 seconds per day. I have talked with many experienced watch makers. The answer: there has never been a mechanical device running on harmonic motion made by huaman beings to consistently achieve that accuracy. Changes in temperature, altitude, external motion and other factors produce constant impact. Strictly speaking, quartz belongs to electronic products, not a 100% tangible jewelry. We are here talking about 100% tangible jewelries.


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