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Sea-Gull is probably the best-known Chinese watch brand, a result of their extensive worldwide marketing efforts. But marketing only goes so far; product is what counts, and the watches coming out of the Sea-Gull factory today have excellent quality and they're both accepted and desired by the WIS community.

The Sea-Gull M222s here is a perfect example of a modern Sea-Gull timepiece. It possesses outstanding quality. It is very nicely finished, especially it's combination polished and brushed case. It has touches and flourishes definitely not expected on a watch at this price range and, of course, it's sturdy and reliable. It even comes with a very nice strap that is better than many very expensive after-market watch straps that can be found.

The Sea-Gull M222s

Sea-Gull exports a limited but varied line of watches, from the rather large (44 mm) M222s to other, more classic-looking designs like the beautiful M185 automatic. It is said that the company produces something like 25% of all the mechanical watch movements sold in the entire world; for example, a Sea-Gull movement is used in the Timex Sport Luxury Automatic reviewed on webWatchWorld not long ago.

Sea-Gull may indeed be best known for their chronographs that are powered by the manual-wind Sea-Gull ST19 movement. But the M222s is quite different from the classic Sea-Gull designs; it is a relatively new model and it certainly has the most modern-looking design in their current portfolio.

I think the M222s has a unique blend of modern and retro styling that is combined in a way that brings the best of both worlds without being duplicative or repetitive. It has a touch of classic pilot watch design with its big, bold face and easy-to-read numbers and it is reminiscent of a pocket watch with its large case and 6497-derived movement (and display back). But the very modern-looking font used for the numbers and the vaguely Bauhaus-look hands, along with the polished case edges and shortened lugs definitely bring it into the future.

It is very rare indeed when a watch design -- or any other -- can so artfully blend the old and new without looking like it's trying too hard to be old or new or retro. Too often, a combination like this ends up looking like it belongs on the wrist of Frankenstein (the monster, not the Doctor!).

But the more one studies the M222s, the more one comes to appreciate the way in which the designers have combined these subtle effects. Well, maybe not so subtle, because those bold numbers really do shout at you, especially in the orange against black background!

Sea-Gull M222s Features

The M222s features a sapphire crystal front and rear, which is a definite plus and somewhat unexpected in this price range. Only the white hands and numerals have lume; the orange version does not.

The view of the ST3600 movement is excellent, and the movement is very nicely finished. It features many blued screws, which contrast nicely with the ruby-colored jewels that can also be viewed on the movement. It's too bad the watch couldn't be flipped over so the owner could admire the movement while reading the time! The newer M222sk version does have a partial skeleton look, with the face cut out between the 8 and 10 o'clock section.

The nice watch strap is made from a pebbled leather and it's fully lined on the back. The white stitching has been applied very accurately and the beefy stainless steel buckle is also nicely designed and not just the cheap stamping found on many watches -- some of which cost much, much more than the Sea-Gull.
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