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Sea-Gull Shop in Shanghai - on Nanjing Road

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I just discovered a SEA-GULL shop (a corner in a shopping center) which offers a very comprehensive range of SEA-GULL watches :
- mechanical / automatic
- simple / GMT / chrono
- simple and double tourbillons

Prices are retail prices (probably higher than taobao / or other sales channels). Entry levels for a dew hundred RMB up to 188000 RMB for double / gold tourbillons).

For those interested, the shop is in the city center :
- On Nanjing Road ( Jiu Guang, 1618 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Huashan Lu)
- in the City Plazza shopping center
- the one next (right) to the Jing'An Temple
- from outside take the mechanical stairs, up to 2F, in the mall, on the left side, in the jewel/watch section

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Thanks for that.

I particularly appreciated the clear photos of the side and back views that show up the vintage heritage to best effect. It looks like a very comfortable watch to wear.
Yes it my Longines Silver Arrow which is slightly thinner.
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