Obsessed with all things related to the history of dive watches, yachting timers, and other watches associated with any sort of water-based activity, your new horological bible has landed. The title " Sea Time " will sound familiar to some—written by Aaron Sigmond and Mark Bernardo, Sea Time is the follow-up to Sigmond's beloved "Drive Time" book that chronicles the world of watches and motorsport. " Sea Time " drags us down the rabbit hole of dive watches both past and present, from affordable to astronomically priced.

Broken out into a series of categories, Sigmond, Bernardo, and a handful of additional contributors plow through the rich history of dive watches, and chronicle a few of the more noteworthy icons in the category, mixing in the occasional obscure factoid that many an enthusiast may yet to have uncovered themselves. Once you hit the back half of the book, things turn into a more encyclopaedic cataloging of diving, yachting, and beachside lounging watches of all sorts.

It's also worth noting that Sigmond enlisted none other than Clive Cusler to craft the book's foreword. Cusler, the legendary adventure author and explorer who frequently fitted a DOXA dive watch onto his fictional adventurers. The discussion of DOXA continues later on in the book, as James Lamdin of analog/shift dissects the history of the brand and tries to answer the question that many of us have asked over the years—why isn't DOXA much more broadly recognized for its significant contributions to the industry.

Last but not least (and a proud note, personally), the last feature closing out the book before reaching Blake Buettner's afterword, is penned by yours truly, documenting the MB&F Octopod clock and its inspiration.

Though pre-sale started earlier, the book officially hit the market today, including distribution through Amazon and other retailers (both web and brick-and-mortar).

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