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Well, a few years before i got Christmas present - digital watches. I love them, but then i lost it. Now i can't find it anywhere.
May be somebody know them:
Digital, with no buttons, instead them there was screw on right side. Specially for setup there unidirectional rotating bezel. Design of drew was something like: DW403G-J5.jpg
It was the best think i have ever taste. It is so comfortable, that instead buttons there were bezel.
It has special screen which reflects light in different colors like in this display: Dakota-Watch-Company-7546-6-rw-11696-21216.jpg
Display looks like: Timex-Expe-Digi-OD-Strap04.jpg
I noticed wristlet in the internet witch looks the same: timex-mens-t45171-expedition-analog-and-digital-combo-watch-review-072654AYv.jpg

Well i hope that somebody knows them)
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