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Can't tell you much other than it's condition and cost of $8 bucks reflects so. It has a problem that I am not willing to play with it to fix, make a good project piece. Dial is mint. Alarm pointer is the round disc in the middle of the piece. It does keep good time, once you get her going, seems sticky or congealed. The alarm part does not work hence $8 bucks (bottom crown). It will not stay wound, in that I mean you turn the crown and it does not catch just springs back, so something not holding inside to keep the wind, for the alarm only. Top crown winds the watch and their is no issue other than I had to give it a smack to get her going for the pictures Regardless still cool for as it does keep time but hard starting. Want a project, here you go. I believe this is the famous one jewel piece, I think from when i had it open last. pardon the dust and lint

Whole $8CDN bucks gets you this fine piece :)
Plus shipping at cost, not heavy so probably in the 5 buck range, I'll cover the bubble mailer!

Sold to forum member in Michigan, thanks and thanks WUS

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