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I am on my second B50 battery, after the first one died and declined to take a charge. Breitling supplied a new charger and charge lead with the replaced battery. The new charge cable attaches far more securely than the original, whose magnet was very feeble. That was around 18 months ago. I have now noticed that the intervals between charging are getting shorter and shorter. I usually charge when the capacity drops below 50%, as lithium ion batteries have no memory effect like NiCad and NiMH batteries do, so there is no downside to partial charges. In fact I understand that lithium batteries prefer partial rather than drain and refill charges. I am now only getting just over 3 weeks between charges. I was originally getting around 5 weeks between charges. I reckon my watch battery has had a total of around 9 to 10 total cycles (18-19 x 50%), so should be nowhere near deteriorating yet, so the current shorter time between charges, is somewhat concerning.

A good quality lithium battery should have a charge cycle capacity of close to 1000 total cycles before the capacity or battery health drops below 2/3rds (Apple's figures). Porsche tell me that the lithium ion battery in my Panamera 4 E-Hybrid should do at least 2000 full cycles before getting near to replacement (just as well as its current price is £8000!)

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