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Hello! I'm new to this forum as well as Russian watches.

About six months ago, I bought my boyfriend a Vostok that was recently lost or stolen while traveling. We're both really bummed about it and I'd like to find another very similar to the original. Of course, I can't find the pictures I thought I had of it, so I'm going to do my best to describe it.

The face had "Wostok" and "18 Jewels" written on it, had a 2209 movement/no date, chromed case, chrome-looking numbers and hands, dark blue (almost black) second-hand, and creme dial. This one from ebay is quite similar, but has the 2214 movement and date:$_57.JPG

I've had a difficult time finding more information about the original watch, and was wondering if anyone knows anything about this watch that could help me narrow/direct my search. I've looked through some of the old catalogs on this forum and haven't had much luck. I've come across a couple gold-plated versions, but am really looking for another chromed one.

I did find a quite similar one on etsy: but have never seen this watch without the "Wostok" or "Boctok" before, and don't know anything about this etsy seller. I'm also concerned about the lack of a picture of the movement. Otherwise, I think this watch would be a great replacement-what do people think? Also, are the crystals easy to have replaced on these?

I'd also greatly appreciate any advice about other sites/sellers that might be selling older watches like these (made in the 70s, I think). I've scoured ebay and etsy but it seems like most of the other Russian watch resources sell newer watches.

Thank you all for this great resource-I've learned a lot from this forum alone!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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