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Seiko 5 Military strap swap advice

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Need some advice. My blue 5 Military should be going on the big brown truck today, so I haven't seen it in person, but I'm already considering a strap swap. Has anyone done this and, if so, what color and type did you pick? Pics, if possible, please.

Thanks for your help.

BTW, what is the correct lug width?
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Please post a pic of the watch, as that may help us help you better.


Angelis: It's on the truck from L.A., should be here midweek. I'll post then.

Thanks for the advice.:thanks
use a springbars tool for sure and wrap the end link of the case...
tha lug are 18mm ........
make a good job mate.....
I think brown leather would look nice. Something simple. Maybe a white contrast stitch. It is a military-esq so gator would look out of place.
Do you mean one of these?

If so, mine is still wearing the original strap primarily because it's ultra-comfortable and looks nice of this "minimalist" watch.
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Ditto for the brown leather albeit in a fleiger style~Cheers! ;-)
Thanks, Catbird. Your point is well taken. Should probably just wait until it gets here to see if maybe the original isn't so bad after all.

Thanks to all for your help. I was thinking of dark brown also. The white stitching is a great idea.
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