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The first seiko diver, and most did not fair very well. This one was a project, the hands, movement, bezel and case are original to the watch. The dial and case back are not, somewhere along the way the case back became FUBAR and would not screw down correctly, all my various attemps to fix it only made matters worse... so, my trusty watch guy took a case back from another diver and turned and rethreaded so it would fit. Then he arranged double gaskets on it. So there you have it... for those who like all original watches there is nothing to see here, if you are looking for a well working example of seikos first diver to wear and enjoy this might be the one for you.

19mm lugs, head only and a reminder the back is not from a seiko, but it fits like a drum. Not sure of the water resistance of the rest of the watch so I would say, like most vintage watches, it is a diver in name only. The new back does not engage the movement holder fully, so there is a bit of wobble when you set the time.
$400 US includes shipping, paypal please.
* please remember the disclaimers
lots of references, some of them good.
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