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Seiko Ashtray 7c46-6010 stripped crown lock

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I recently acquired a Seiko 7c46-6010 “Ashtray” in overall nice condition EXCEPT that the crown lock is stripped.

-Watch is titanium
-Watch was only made for a short time in the 1980s and is extremely rare. New cases are unobtainable
-Seiko Japan serviced it last year but could not repair the crown lock.
-I know that “a competent watchmaker should be able to drill it out” except that all the ones I’ve asked have declined.
-I realize that “you never had a problem with a screw down crown” but the previous owner of this watch did, and it’s my problem now. It also seems to be a fairly common issue with this watch.

I am looking for someone who has experience fixing this sort of problem and is willing to take it on.

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Is the oring on the stem like an skx? If so you can safely wear it around without fear of water ingress. While you are enjoying it you can be on he lookout for a doner watch. Even if its not running you can buy it for the case and crown/tube?
Had a quick glance on the interwebs thiese watches are very expensive indeed!
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