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Seiko Ashtray 7c46-6010 stripped crown lock

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I recently acquired a Seiko 7c46-6010 “Ashtray” in overall nice condition EXCEPT that the crown lock is stripped.

-Watch is titanium
-Watch was only made for a short time in the 1980s and is extremely rare. New cases are unobtainable
-Seiko Japan serviced it last year but could not repair the crown lock.
-I know that “a competent watchmaker should be able to drill it out” except that all the ones I’ve asked have declined.
-I realize that “you never had a problem with a screw down crown” but the previous owner of this watch did, and it’s my problem now. It also seems to be a fairly common issue with this watch.

I am looking for someone who has experience fixing this sort of problem and is willing to take it on.

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Do you know for sure the crown tube’s threads are stripped or is the crown’s threads stripped?

Have you tested the screw-down with another crown to validate? Worth a shot.
I did a crown switch with my SBBN007 and it is indeed the crown and not the stem tube that is stripped. Stem tube appears to be SS.
Well that's great news - glad you gave it a shot!
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