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Seiko Diver’s 1965 Modern Re-Interpretation SPB143J1 / SPB145J1 / SPB147J1 / SPB149J1

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SPB143J1 / 145J1 / 147J1 / 149J1

Just saw this getting posted about here and thought it may be worth getting it's own thread going.

It looks like an LE of 5,500 and a price of 140,000 yen.

Sapphire crystal




40.5mm diameter

47.6mm lug to lug

13.2mm thick

For my part I love the size and the dial, case and hands. No chapter ring.

I have been looking for awhile and I think It is almost my perfect seiko diver dare I say it.

There are also some non limited editions with grey and brown dials.




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Slightly off topic are there any similar dive watches to the spb from a different brand. I love the look of this especially the grey dial. I know the internet highlights problems but heard too many issues regarding the accuracy. I have a SRPE that I really like but was fairly cheap I don't fancy paying this much rather go to another brand.
I would suggest the Armida A12 which is the watch I owned and sold before buying the SPB143.
Thanks they look great do you prefer the Seiko or Armida you sold ?
While they both took the original 62MAS as inspiration execution was very different. The Armida tried to recreate resulting in a smaller yet taller case shape, boxed lens distortion, and a more utilitarian tool aesthetic. The Seiko reinterpreted and added refinements like the beveled hands and flat sapphire so it's a little more towards dress driver than tool watch. In the end I prefer the Seiko, however you will avoid all their trademark QC issues with the Armida. Apologies in advance for probably just making the water murkier.
Hi thanks for getting back I do like the Armida It looks good but the Seiko from the pictures looks amazing..... I could always get one and return if any QC issues.
The Seiko looks so versatile as well
Looks great (amazing even!), but it didn't sit well on my 6,7 inch wrist.
Maybe after some time it would be better - dunno.

But im definitely gonna try some other sailcloth.
Hi what didn't sut well the spb143 or the zuluduver sailcloth ?
Man I’m really enjoying my SPB253J1. I was on the fence about buying one of these Black Series divers when they were released earlier in the year.

Initially it was the Willard version I was after but after spending some time pondering my choices I decided to go for the 62MAS, mostly because the angular case design and the fact that this one negates the red stoplight on the second hand - a detail I felt messed with the bold orange and black colour scheme.

There’s some pretty cool little touches on this watch. The white tip on the matte black second hand, the matted out brushed bezel and the 3 different lume compounds to name a few.

I had one of the very first SPB143’s. This feels better built, better bezel and crown action and crucially, overall just fees more solid. Perhaps they’ve refined their manufacturing processes since the initial release or maybe it’s just a QC lottery. The movement is running at 0 spd (on timeographer) so I’ve definitely lucked out in that area. Bezel is a hair off at the 12 o’clock mark but you can’t have it all I guess.

Merry Christmas all.

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Looks fantastic
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After having a bad experience with a Seiko SPB143 more fool me I am thinking of trying another and giving it another.
I am also considering the slim turtle spb317 black dial instead but can't make my mind up and they have the same movement.
I am not a braclet person as can never get good fit, so would more than likely wear the watch on rubber so braclet irrelevant really.
What are people's thoughts on these 2 watches if owned both please ?
That’s a tough call. I own a Willard (237) and a 62mas (297) and like them both and believe they are different enough to justify having both. If I had to only pick one, the Willard’s unique case shape (close to a SPB317) would probably win. If you can’t get a good fit with the stock bracelet, try changing the clasp. I use a Strapcode that is smaller and
more comfortable than the Seiko clasp with that stupid divers extension. Here’s a good comparison review. Good luck 👍🏻.

Thanks for the reply 👍The 317 looks great on that review. I think the Willard would be too big so would be the 317 vs 143. The 143 looks more universal and more premium and the 317 looks more Seikoish and toolish. The 317 looks like it will fit better as well. I would have had both but with my experience with Seiko quality I want to tread carefully before jumping in with both 😅
The 317 is a lovely watch. I nearly pulled the trigger if only the date window is bigger and more legible, like the 143. This was a deal breaker for me.
So do you have a 143 ?

143 is the most worn watch in my entire collection for the past 3 years (next is the 147). Photo illustration only, I don't wear both at the same time on daily basis 🤪.

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Both look amazing ! Perfect fit for your wrist as well 👌 I love that 147 its beautiful but don't think I would wear it as much as the 143.
Just wear one on each wrist 😅
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Hi after loads of issues with a 143 I have got another 😬 this one bezel and hands are all spot on. Accuaracy about 13 to 15 plus a day so thats fine.
Now this thing is a strap monster "visually" seems to go with anything and its very photogenic in pictures with different straps, it is a great looking watch.
In real life use (not instagram) I find the watch not very well balanced it seems too thick for the width, and therefore top heavey. The watch has nice slopping down lugs but this benefit it taken away by the thickish caseback.
I tried it on rubber waffle and sailcloth etc it looks great, but when wearing needs to be fairly tight then gets a bit sweaty and uncomfortable. If slacken it then moves around the wrist because quite heavy. Tried it on double nato but it looks so thick off the wrist.
The only strap I have that it works well with is a perlon strap. This seems to make the watch melt into the wrist and not add much thickness, it also really suits it. If this watch had 0.5mm off the bezel, watch head and back saving a total of 1.5mm is would be perfection size wise.
Does anyone have any other comfortable strap ideas I was thinking of marine eleastic straps or them adjustable single pass natos I have not tried either though.
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I want to like these watches but it's like Seiko didn't even try with this lug design... it's on a lot of new Seikos and it ruins them all. They look terrible, totally out of proportion and clunkily integrated with the rest of the case. Such a shame.
That's the style from the 60s if changed too much it would look like a more modern dive and would lose its charm.
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Here is my spb143 after adjusting the bracelet. It is too beautiful.
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Looks great how do you find the braclet ? I have not sized mine I have convinced myself won't like the thr feel of it.
I wore mine for two years solely on straps. Put it on the bracelet a few months ago and it's a completely different watch. The OEM bracelet is nice enough, but the clasp is awful. I ended up getting the Uncle Seiko Z199 bracelet and it's perfection.
Thanks so do you prefer the watch on braclet overall then rather than straps ? Do you think keeping braclet and changing clasp would be an option rather than replacing braclet. It seems like they made the clasp with that silly extension just to comform to diving standards even though majority never use it for that 🙄
Throw an MM300 clasp on it and you’ll be good to go!
Thanks for the suggestion 👍 os the MM300 good, do you know the best place to get them from separately?
Does anyone else have scratches on the inner case where the bracelet end links meet? I thought this was normal for every watch, but after looking my B&R V2 GMT, my CW Dartmouth, and another bracelet watch have no such marks.
Hi mine from brand new had some marks when I took it straight off the braclet. Its as if the links fitted while diashield not set. The end links do have play though front to back and side to side so over time probably will rub. When I put on bracelet I will probably put some clear watch film on inside of end links hopefully there is enough room for it. Hopefully this will prevent more scratches as the end links move. You cant see them on braclet but visible on strap.
Look great like the brushed jubilee, does everyone think it will support the heavy head of the watch or will it allow it to flop around the wrist.
It wears great. I have the uncle seiko z199 and it is much more comfortable than oem.

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Great thanks I'm tempted by this or the z199 🤔
I have just installed and sized my bracelet on the spb143. I like it a lot more than I expected it feels very well balance and balances the head of the watch very well in the centre of the wrist. If feel a lighter bracelet would allow the head flop around the wrist more.
The braclet has a "jangly" sound but I'm sure that is the diashield coating on the links, this coating rubbing along side other links will sound very different to bare stainless steel links.
The bad part is the clasp it looks nice and is fine, its that ridiculous extension flap on the end. It looks a weird angle and makes clasp lot longer. It would be great if could remove this and have just the main clasp. Its annoying that very very few will ever use this feature and has been stuck on just to get certification, and its ruined the clasp in my opinion.
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Hi can anyone give me any ideas please. I have a spb143 and where the endlink meets the watch case from new there is a slight line.
I am not sure if this is from where the diahield coating had not fully set then watch assembled. It looks fine and is very very slight.
I was going to wear on braclet but noticed the endlink has play in it and moves slightly front to back and side to side. I am concerned this might rub against the diashield and wear it and make it look a mess. This wont be seen when on strap with endlinks fitted but if damaged it would be visable when worn on strap.
I have looked at putting some clear tape on inside of endlink but its the top edge that makes contact so this wont help.
Has anyone any other ideas to prevent wear? Or has anyone worn factory bracelet for a long time with no damage?
Thanks in advance:)
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