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Seiko Diver’s 1965 Modern Re-Interpretation SPB143J1 / SPB145J1 / SPB147J1 / SPB149J1

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SPB143J1 / 145J1 / 147J1 / 149J1

Just saw this getting posted about here and thought it may be worth getting it's own thread going.

It looks like an LE of 5,500 and a price of 140,000 yen.

Sapphire crystal




40.5mm diameter

47.6mm lug to lug

13.2mm thick

For my part I love the size and the dial, case and hands. No chapter ring.

I have been looking for awhile and I think It is almost my perfect seiko diver dare I say it.

There are also some non limited editions with grey and brown dials.




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Re: SPB149/SBDC107 Seiko Diver's 1965 Modern Re-Interpretation

If the 143 team comes in under a grand I'm all-in. Over, I'm still in but I might have to shuffle some watch funds by selling one or two from the box.

Frankly, if the 143 is as nice as it looks, I imagine my SKX's days are numbered.
The non-limited ones on stainless steel bracelet will be 130,000 JPY, so over. The Limited Edition blue one is 10,000 JPY more, but comes with a stainless steel bracelet as well as the silicone strap it's on.
Re: SPB149/SBDC107 Seiko Diver's 1965 Modern Re-Interpretation

Thanks! Good to hear.

I was hoping the non limiteds would be cheaper . But I'm still not daunted yet

However things often drop below MSRP with Seiko...

How does 130,000JPY compare to the MSRP for the SDBC051 and 061 series?
The SBDC051 is 100,000 JPY:

The SBDC061 is 110,000 JPY:

You can see the prices creeping up with every passing year...

I thought it's the LE that costs 130,000 JPY?
No, the LE is 140,000 JPY. See Seiko's web-page for the model:

The non-LE regular ones on stainless steel bracelet will be 130,000 JPY.
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Re: SPB149/SBDC107 Seiko Diver's 1965 Modern Re-Interpretation

These watches seem to deserve a good nickname. Since "6RMAS" is already taken by the '51 series...?
" '35MAS", since they have a 6R35 movement rather than a 6R15 movement.
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Re: SPB149/SBDC107 Seiko Diver's 1965 Modern Re-Interpretation

"2K20MAS" or 2KMAS in short
Don't give Seiko ideas, or they'll start pricing future versions of these at $2,000 USD...
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Re: SPB149/SBDC107 Seiko Diver's 1965 Modern Re-Interpretation

Damn it! Was it in pdf and you were able to download it? Seiya japan also puts upcoming releases on their website but I'm sure they only do so once they are allowed. Average bro's IG/YT said there's quite a few cool watches in the pipeline including a more traditional version of the new Alpinist with one crown and time and date but same case and hands.
Yep, here are the new Alpinists:
There are posts about all the other new watches in the new and upcoming Seiko watches thread:**new-upcoming-seiko-watches**-2393034-1589.html

There's another thread about the new Alpinists as well:

Official announcement will probably come in a couple of weeks' time on Friday 20th March.
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Re: SPB149/SBDC107 Seiko Diver's 1965 Modern Re-Interpretation

This is one of the watches I was talking about
Oh, those are Japanese Domestic Market-only models, hence the SZ- model number prefix and lack of PROSPEX or PRESAGE branding. They won't be available internationally - you'll have to import them like with the SARBs if you want one.
Re: SPB149/SBDC107 Seiko Diver's 1965 Modern Re-Interpretation

Double post.
Re: SPB149/SBDC107 Seiko Diver's 1965 Modern Re-Interpretation

Would I not be able to just order from them and have them ship to me and then I pay the usual custom fees?
Yes, that is what I meant - you have to order them from a Japanese retailer.
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Re: Seiko Diver's 1965 Modern Re-Interpretation SPB143J1 / SPB147J1 / SPB149J1

Thread title renamed to include the 143 and 147
The SPB145 exists as well! That looks very similar to the 143, because the 143 is a charcoal grey which has a hint of brown in it as well, but has a brown dial and "vintage-look" faux-patinated lume instead of green lume. It's hard to tell he difference from the dial colour, it's easy to get them mixed up, so it's easier to tell from the lume colour difference. It's different to the golden-brown dial of the 147, it's closer to the 143's dial in shade.

I'm not Polish, I don't have that many jczwcjyz's in my name!
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I was so excited when this watch was confirmed to be 40.5mm. It's a great looking and great sized diver with a decent movement, sapphire crystal and ceramic bezel insert. But the more I think about it, the less I feel like dropping $1300 US (or even $800 US at street prices) on one. It's really overpriced.

Only 4-5 years ago you could buy a 2nd generation Seiko Monster with the hacking/handwinding 4R36 movement. So you're getting an admittedly better 6R35 movement, sapphire crystal, ceramic bezel insert, better bracelet and clasp and better case finishing. But is that really worth about 5 times the price?

I love everything about this watch, but unless I can find one at a really good deal in a few years I'll probably skip it.
Look at the prices that people are willing to pay for used Monsters, Sporks, Arnies etc. with their lesser specs - far above their original prices when new, and even when there are newer-gen Monsters available that people don't like as much. Monsters are hardly rare watches, either. Those prices show that the demand is out there, and Seiko sees it too and wants a piece of that. As they're a business, I guess you can't blame them for doing what they're meant to do to make money. But of course it sucks for the rest of us out there who aren't willing to pay those prices. But it's just fact now, and we have to get used to it, and either buy or not buy. As long as there are enough people generating the demand who are willing to pay those prices, Seiko don't care about our feelings.
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the limited #s raise the possibility that they'd sell at a premium preowned.
It's only the steel blue one which is a Limited Edition of 5,500 pieces. The other 3 colours are not Limited Editions.
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What with the lack of clarity on pricing for the none LE versions, when they'll be available and the bezel width it sounds like waiting until some in the wild shots are out there is wise.
The non-LE versions on bracelet only will be 130,000 JPY, 10,000 JPY less than the Limited Edition (which comes with both a silicone strap and a bracelet).

It's just not known what the model on the silicone strap only will cost, but they are usually 20,000 JPY less than the model on bracelet - that is the case with this year's 6105 modern re-interpretation (140,000 JPY vs. 120,000 JPY, slightly more than these 35MASes), and with the SBDC051 and SBDC053 6RMAS (100,000 JPY vs. 80,000 JPY).

Availability will be June or July, I can't remember which.

The official announcement will probably come on Friday 20th March.

Seiko are planning to hold an event in New York in early April for press and retailers to go hands-on with their new releases to replace the cancelled Grand Seiko Summit, and there were said to be events in Miami and possibly London in late March after the official announcement as well, which will probably be the first chance for people to take real-life photos of prototypes, but who knows at this point with the coronavirus. I heard about the Miami event earlier than hearing about the New York event, but when the New York event was mentioned, the Miami one wasn't mentioned again.
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Saw the Instagram pic of the blue dial with black bezel. I'm hoping it's fake, because the black bezel with the printing is pretty thick. It makes the dimensions look off and not well proportioned.
It's not fake, the bezel is that thick/wide - the steel blue dial Limited Edition model is official:

I guess the extra bezel width accounts for the size increase over the SLA017.

The other 3 non-Limited Edition models will be officially announced on Friday 20th March.

The thickness of the watch itself at 13.2 mm is thinner than the 6RMAS at 13.8 mm and the SLA017 at 14.1 mm, but 0.1 mm thicker than the MM200 at 13.1 mm.

and even more direct lineage (believe the original was grey?)
Yes, the original was charcoal grey with hints of brown.
6RMAS. Nice
Surely these new ones should be the 35MASes in order to distinguish them from the larger 6RMASes (SPB051/SPB053/SBDC051/SBBDC053 etc.) from 3 years ago?
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How much will this one be? - SPB147J1
That's the one we don't know the price of yet, but I'm guessing it will be somewhere around 110,000 - 120,000 JPY, since the models which come on silicone straps are usually 20,000 JPY less than the models which come on stainless steel bracelets.
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I also noticed the 147 is shown paired with the strap, and not the bracelet. Is that only to show what it looks like on the rubber, or does it not come with the bracelet also?
Only the SPB149 Limited Edition comes with both a stainless steel bracelet and a steel blue-grey silicone strap - that's a major part of why it costs 10,000 JPY more at 140,000 JPY than the 143 and 145 at 130,000 JPY, which only come with a stainless steel bracelet and no silicone strap, and why those 2 will most likely cost a bit more than the 147, which only comes on the silicone strap pictured, with no stainless steel bracelet.
Nice!! Looks like a winner. Love the blue dial on the 149. At around $1K, this will be hard to find
It's over a third more than that, at $1,350 USD:
This one, the non gilt is my preference. I think it's the best diver they've introduced since I've been into this hobby. As long as it tops out at about $1k and not much more.

To be honest I only just realised there were actually 4 not just 3. So the above and these three.
The ones that come on a stainless steel bracelet only (SPB143 and SPB145) will be 130,000 JPY, which is ~$1,250 USD.
Limited edition of 5500 pieces, hahahaha
That doesn't seem that limited. I guess any production is limited edition in the real world.
The 2017-2018 STAR BAR Cocktail Times which had 2 models which were limited to 4,800 pieces per dial type (without or with power reserve), so basically 9,600 pieces, sold out within weeks.

Let me just jump in here for a second... Does anyone else consider anything over 100 pieces a Limited Edition? 5000, 1100 pieces, that just seems ridiculous to me but its JMHO though...
If I want one and can't get one, like with those Cocktail Times, then it's limited.

This is Seiko's year in my opinion. I was lucky enough to be invited to view ALL of the Seiko and Grand Seiko novelties for 2020 and they were absolute stunners.
How did you manage to get the invite, and where was it held?!
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Agreed. I felt like I would be in the minority with my opinion, however I still prefer the indices and bezel of my 051.
That's why the original 6RMASes and these new '35MASes both exist!

Is it just me or is that lume pip at 12 o'clock in the first picture not centred properly?
You're right.
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