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Seiko Diver’s 1965 Modern Re-Interpretation SPB143J1 / SPB145J1 / SPB147J1 / SPB149J1

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SPB143J1 / 145J1 / 147J1 / 149J1

Just saw this getting posted about here and thought it may be worth getting it's own thread going.

It looks like an LE of 5,500 and a price of 140,000 yen.

Sapphire crystal




40.5mm diameter

47.6mm lug to lug

13.2mm thick

For my part I love the size and the dial, case and hands. No chapter ring.

I have been looking for awhile and I think It is almost my perfect seiko diver dare I say it.

There are also some non limited editions with grey and brown dials.




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Really getting into these watches and think i'll be adding an SPB149 to the collection soon. I'm hoping for a bit of advice from owners about the dial as i'm getting a bit confused....

In some photos the dial looks completely matt

Watch Analog watch Photograph White Light

in others it looks like it has a sunburst effect.

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Cool

I'm assuming they haven't made two different versions of this dial.... Have they somehow managed to have both finishes that can be seen from different angles? And if so, which is the predominant style, as I would personally prefer a matt to a sunburst dial.

Many thanks!
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If you've never experienced a sunburst dial like this from Seiko, I'd say it's both, and more, depending on the light. In some light the dial looks very dark flat blue. In others it's a more flat like in the first picture. In direct sunlight you get a pronounced sunburst like in the second photo. It's hard to say what it looks like most of the time because that depends on you as a person, what your lighting is indoors in the places you spend most of your time? do you spend time outside a lot? is it always overcast or is it sunny etc etc.
Thanks for the quick reply. I live in the UK, so overcast is normally a pretty safe bet!

Didn't realise its a common Seiko finish, I had a Sarb017 Alpinist a few years ago, would it be similar to that? And are all of these 63MAS dials the same? It looks like the grey dial has more of an obvious sunburst to me but that's without having seen any of them in person.
kinda yeah, I'm in the uk too, I had the sarb. you know in sunny weather the 017 had that rich sunburst green dial, but then indoors it's more of a flat green? that's basically the same.

the grey has the same thing, looking at my SPB143 right now it looks like a flat grey, but if I move it into the sunlight the sunburst becomes way more apparent. it's just how sunburst dials work.
OK great that's really helpful, thanks.
if you're really curious I have a 149 dial somewhere I can take photos of it in different light 😅 or actually search posts by me in this thread some should come up.
That's fine but thank you - i've seen a lot of photos, just wanted to make sure that it is just the different lighting / angles that contributed to the different looks I was seeing. Thanks!
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