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Seiko Diver’s 1965 Modern Re-Interpretation SPB143J1 / SPB145J1 / SPB147J1 / SPB149J1

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SPB143J1 / 145J1 / 147J1 / 149J1

Just saw this getting posted about here and thought it may be worth getting it's own thread going.

It looks like an LE of 5,500 and a price of 140,000 yen.

Sapphire crystal




40.5mm diameter

47.6mm lug to lug

13.2mm thick

For my part I love the size and the dial, case and hands. No chapter ring.

I have been looking for awhile and I think It is almost my perfect seiko diver dare I say it.

There are also some non limited editions with grey and brown dials.




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Dang, that is a great dial colour...
I am a big fan of this grey sunburst.

Has a nice variance in different lights, not too flashy and nice subtle texture.

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Yes, the SPB143 is a compelling dial -- I actually had one in had for a few days but had to return due to an inordinate amount of dust pretty well everywhere inside. I could have re-purchased the 143 but while searching I came across the 239, which spoke to me just a little more. I think it scratched the BB58 itch, but more subtle to that of the 147. That said, all of these 62MAS 'tributes' are enticing -- you can't go wrong with any of the lot.

All of the color ways are pretty great!

On that front I think the only change I would have made would have been on the white dial, bumping up the contrast with black hour marker frames and hands.
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couple years late to the party but I’m glad to be here View attachment 16881714
Never too late
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I prefer the original without the pip at 3.

That said I think there is still a lot going for it even with the pip at 3

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I have been watching this thread for a while. Finally created an account. I really enjoy my SPB143.
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Welcome aboard

Great pic!
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Very nice!

What strap is that? Looks sharp

WatchSteward maybe?
Do u guys wear Natos in winter? With puffy sweaters and jackets?

View attachment 17292922
Looks great!

What nato is that?

It's CNS - Cotton Straps

Great looking strap and the price is right!
View attachment 17487571
The tropic strap was actually returned when I got this as my rubber strap. The tropic brand strap had aesthetics issues with the flat edges.
Looks good!

Where did you pick up the seiko strap?
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