I am the original owner since purchase at Seiko Store in Person in 2010.
Worn almost daily since then.
Never wore it swimming or showering.
But it is rated for depths down to 200m.
Fits 6.5 to 7.1 inch wrist adjustable as is using the small holes on buckle . If you have a smaller wrist you can remove link/s.
SMY089 SEIKO DIVER , Model 5M63.
Good condition, original box . Cannot find the extra links....when i took photo
was before I moved to new house.

Works super well!
Sat in closet off and on over time, in house smoke-free, pet-free.

$120 + shipping insured $15 USPS Priority Mail ( or cash in person in southern NV) , or paypal F/F ( no fee)
or add 3.5% fee ( if you pay as "purchase" ) .

Superb references over the years , also from ebay.



Super well rated watch, see here the Review pasted,
from WUS on FEB-3-2010 done by WUS member:

Seiko SMY 089: AKA The Kinetic Black Knight: My Favorite Watch

I. Introduction
This is my favorite watch. I have worn it almost everyday for three years. I am perfectly comfortable wearing it for sports, social gatherings, and business casual settings. The irony is that I bought it as a beater for when I did not want to wear my significantly more expensive Swiss made watches. The Kinetic Black Knight truly is the gift that keeps on giving.

II. Analysis

1. Case: 9/10: The case is made from Seiko's version of surgical grade stainless steel. It has greyish, almost titanium tone. It measures 42 mm in diameter and 12 mm in in thickness. Water resistance is 200m. It has been almost impervious to scratches. The lugs curve down smoothy and strongly. Two years ago, for a nominal fee, I paid my local jeweler to brush the entire case to enhance its scratch resistance and give more uniformity to its appearance. I have deducted a point because I think Seiko would have made a better decision to use an all brushed finish from the start.

2. Case Back: 10/10: The case back is made from the same greyish steel as the case. It is polished and has the beautiful Tsunami relief.
The back is nicely and evenly elevated. I have left the original finish.

3. Bezel: 10/10: The bezel is flat, made of the same greyish steel as the case, and is just as scratch resistant. It turns as smoothly as butter, aligns perfectly, and clicks in half second increments. A highly luminous dot is embedded at the 12 o'clock position, black numbers appear at the 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 positions, and black has marks mark the remainder of the 60 minute positions.

3. Crown: 10/10: The crown is thick, round and protrudes nicely from the protectors. It is polished. The steel is the same grade as the rest of the watch. It screws in smoothly, does not wobble, and pulls out to easily set the day and date.

5. Bracelet and Clasp: 9/10: The bracelet and clasp are made from the same steel as the rest of the watch. The bracelet is comprised of solid links held by pins and collars. After three years of abuse it has nary a rattle. Again, it has been almost impervious to scratches. Two years ago, for a nominal fee, as with the case, I paid my local jeweler to brush the entire bracelt to enhance its scratch resistance and give more uniformity to its appearance. I have deducted a point because I think Seiko would have made a better decision to use an all brushed finish from the start. The clasp is stamped, with mico adjustment positions. It has a diver's extension. The best thing about the clasp is the double locking mechanism (push buttons and foldover clasp).

6. Crystal: 7/10: The original crystal was hardlex. It was reasonably solid and had an underside antireflective coating. However, it was not as scratch resistant as I would have liked. I just can't stand looking at a scratched watch face. So, for a fairly nominal fee, I had my local jeweler swap it for a sapphire crystal and reset its 200m water reistance. I would have gladly paid the extra expense up front for a sapphire crystal.

7. Movement: 10/10: This watch uses the most recent version of Seiko's basic kinetic movement. Some people I know have expressed reliability concerns about the kinetic movement. I think they must talking about earlier versions, because mine has reliable accurate to +/- 1 second per month. I have read that some people think the kinetic movement is too heavy and does not add much value to the watch. However, I think it is great technology that gives me quartz accuracy without the inconvenience of changing a battery. For me, it is even better because Seiko builds its own movements.

8. Dial, hands, and markers: 10/10: The dial is black and has a dot pattern in the center. The markers are applied and filled with lumibrite. The hands are arrow shaped and filled with lumibrite. I am not the first and I won't be the last to say it: Seiko's lume can't be beat. The hands glow clearly and strongly through the night. My 6 year old always comments how powerful the hands are. The black dots help to add some needed variation to the face.

9 Comfort: 10/10: This is the most comfortable watch I own. I find that the elevated case back makes the weight especially manageable.

10. Value: 10/10: This is the most durable watch that I have ever owned. The price, even with the changes to the finish and the addition of the sapphire crystal that I have made is less than half of a mid range Swiss watch. It has its own look and is not like so many Sub Mariner clones. Every other surgical grade stainless steel watch I own seems to collect scratches. This one virtually sheds them.

Total: 95/100

III. Conclusion:
Buy one while you can.