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Hi Forum,

I have a limited edition Avro Arrow mechanical watch. On the back it lists the movement as a Seiko Epson JPN-YT58

The very specific question I have is as follows: I recently received 4 Wolf Design watch winders. My other three mechanical movements (including an Orange Monster) wind fine on the 'C' setting (clockwise/counterclockwise). The Avro watch, however, does not. If I power the watch (3-4 minutes back and forth movement) and then wear the watch all day, it has great power reserve (at least 2 days just sitting on a table) - actually, the best of my collection.

Does anyone have any idea why the Wolf Creek winder will not keep the watch wound? Do I need a different cycle (winder has A (clockwise) and B (counterclockwise) modes as well)? The manual that came with the watch does not specify.

Many thanks,
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