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So let's hope all you guys are right... I too, think that it's just a matter of a fresh release of a new line up on short supply effect. $500 ish prices cannot sustain themselves for the long run on these kinetic models, I simply refuse to accept that, too.
The 023 model is my target. The 019 is too similar to the SBBN015 (notice I only said 'similar', 'cause I would not dare to compare them at all), although I would not kick it out of bed if given the chance to snag it for the right price (specially when I have plans to own it on a rubber strap, not that bracelet).
you guys are right why buy it now when the hype is on the peek??
wait a little bit and you will see that the prices will go down anyway i myself would prefer new but if i can get my hands on a used one with a price range from 375$ to max.400$(wich is the max of the max) it is worth it even the 600$(??) for the steel version its worth we get for it a lot watch but as you guys said in german there is a saying
"abwarten und tee trinken" (wait and drink tea) neee does not sound so good in english! heheehehhe lets wait and see whats hapening with the price
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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