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Seiko SARB033 vs Lorier Falcon III

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I'm seeking help here. I'm after a watch for a daily wear for around the £500 mark, I have narrowed it down to Seiko SARB033 (Ebay) and The Lorier Falcon III (Brand new). I can only buy one. I really really like the look of both of these. I just cant decide on which one to buy, a SARB033 from ebay or a Microbrand.

Which one would you choose? and Why?

Seiko SARB033

Lorier Falcon III

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Not the Lorier.

And not the Seiko - which looks nice from a distance, but boy are the hands and indices awful at closer inspection. Some sort of cheaply chromed plastic, brass or whatever. A major turn off.
So what do you suggest then?
In the <500 price range? If you want a great watch (as a timekeeping instrument) I’d recommend looking at G-Shock. Otherwise some Chinese brands like San Martin offer by far (!) the best fit and finish at that price point.
G shock is a totally different kind of watch😂 they look very childish/plastic to me IMO. I do have a square GW-5000 tho which is kept in amazing condition for the last 10 years
I have both and love both. All other things being equal (discounting the fact the SARB is used), I would go SARB if it were me. It fits me perfect—even the stock bracelet, which some people have trouble finding a good fit. It has an absolutely classic design that will never go out of style, and it looks good in pretty much all lighting. The trade off is it can be boring.

While the Falcon implements classic design language as well, it does so by harmonizing Omega and Rolex. So it has less identity in that respect, and sometimes feels less cohesive compared to the SARB. But it wears very well, and can blend in to any situation. The dial plays well with the light. Catch it at the right angle and it looks upscale:
(Will add pics later—I’ll getting server errors)
At other angles, the puffy indices exude the vintage character:

I otherwise prefer new watches and so would go with the Lorir unless the SARB you’re looking at is immaculate. Both movements perform similarly for me. The SARB is a modern classic whereas the the Falcon has a better size IMO.
Hey thanks for the reply, Seems we have the same taste in watches. The Sarb would be used. This one
Still cant decide
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One thing I forgot to mention in my earlier reply:

If it does not have to be one of the watches in question, I would take a serious look at Orient Star watches. They are usually offered below list price, so with your budget you could get a magnificient Orient Star.
Hi I have looked at these and their is far too much happening on the dial for my minimalist liking
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It is too bafd you don't have a little more to spend the new The Twelve from CW is top of the line in this stype IMHO.

Interesting watch for sure. A little bit too blingy for me.
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Yeah… I would not pay anywhere near $500 for that.

But of course I already have mine, which affects my perspective.
its more than $500 more like $600
Okay so I've just seen the Lorier Astra, thats a beauty
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My SARB033 lasted a whole 4 months before I sold it.
How come you sold?
What watch did you replace it with?
By the way, I'd go Lorier, either Falcon or Astra. Way better movement, nice designs and I have a soft spot for acrylic. If they made the Astra with a tuxedo dial in black and white/silver, I'd probably get it to replace my Alpinist. And again, not because I hate Seiko, but 19mm lug width, 13mm thickness and the erratic 6R are starting to bug me. Too bad because I absolutely love the dial and hands. I'm even considering going the Seikomod route and swap the case.
Thanks, I love the designs of the Lorier's they just speak to me, really beautiful. I already have an alpinist sarb017, I just never wear it for some reason, maybe the green is too flashy for me. That's why I'm after a watch I can wear daily.

They are different dimensions, the Lorier should wear a bit smaller, and significantly thinner. This may or may not be a good thing from your point of view. Yes, the SARB is iconic and it is objectively a nice watch, but that was always relative to the value proposition when the prices were 30% lower. Its still a fine watch, especially if you like to tinker and switch up bracelets, etc, but be mindful of the hype. Having owned a SARB033 and SARB035, I would take a hard look at the Lorier first.
I have small wrists so having a thinner/smaller watch would suit me. Yeah with inflation the SARB's would of cost $600 in todays world. Thanks for the reply.

Had both. The flat mineral glass crystal on the seiko is absolutely horrible. Aftermarket upgrades are available though. Bracelet is junk too. The case is the best part of the watch.

The lorier was too small for me after having it for a little while, but overall it's a far nicer watch than a sarb.
You've totally put me of the SARB. What do you think of the new Astra?

Every watch disagreement I've ever read on the internet comes down to different aspects of watches being differentially important to different people, so the decision depends on what's important to you and how much you value the differences between the two watches. For instance, some people care about having an established brand whereas others don't. Some care enormously about specs whereas others don't care about that. An in-house movement is essential for some people but not others. Some demand accuracy whereas others wearing in rotation don't really care about that. Some people crave originality in design, etc. Etc etc. on and on it goes not to mention the complete subjectivity of what designs people like.

In this case, the biggest differences I see between these two are brand history and design. I don't know enough about build quality to know if they differ (though I do own the SARB033 and it's build quality is excellent). As to design, the SARB033 is slightly more formal than the Lorier, the latter of which clearly takes inspiration from the original Rolex Explorer which was a field/adventure watch. The SARB would dress up slightly better and the Lorier dress down slightly better. Both look really versatile though.

For me, I wouldn't worry much about the original price of the SARB033. It's value is defined by the market and it's clearly well above it's original street price. If that watch came out today at a cost of $500 or even $700, very few people argue it is worth less.

Of the two, I prefer the look of the Lorier and would probably go with it, but then again I've had several years with the SARB and my motives are mostly driven by the desire for novelty. I'm also a sucker for the 3-6-9 design.
Thanks for the reply. I feel like the SARB033 will just become even more legendary with time, I think that's the reason I want to own it. Plus the dial just speaks to me. But yeah the Lorier is impressive, I really like the brand.
The SARB is more likely to hold its value as an iconic, collectible watch. As nicely designed and spec'd as microbrands are, they tend to lose their value over time if you ever want to sell it. Because you seem to want to own one given its "legendary" status, I'd go with the SARB (if you can get a good one) while you still can. Once you have it, then take a chance on a micro. A lot of commenters who sold their SARBs have regrets.
I want to to actually wear the watch, I think of If I had a Sarb all this preserving value and it being a collectable would make my mind think I shouldn't wear it everyday.
He's asking what you think of the Lorier Astra, not the Seiko Astron.
Correct haha
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