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About six months ago I bought a Fortis Flieger and now I have it on a bracelet. Love it but I wanted a watch that I could use when doing sports, swimming, hunting and snorkeling in Malaysia (I am going for a month:-!)

I wanted a beater.

Looked around and fell for the Sea Urchin. Liked the submariner look and read a few quite positive reviews. Also liked the fact that it is not sold in Sweden. So I went for it. Found one on the bay for about USD 100 with shipping. Nice price!

I have had it for aboud a week, so I havent had time to abuse it to muck yet but here comes my first impressions.


Nice readable dial. Shiny black face and light green lumedots with small chrome edges. Clearly inspired from the submariner of course. Nice hands also. The day/date does look a bit cheesy. Diffrent font then the rest of the dial? But readable.


Nice rugged black. Feels genuin and massive.


Feels solid and nice. Like the shape, fits well on my wrist.


I am not that good at watches so I can comment on the quality of the movement. It runs. Keeps good time. If I wear it every other day it never stops running. Time will tell things about the quality, but being a Seiko, I am not to worried.


This is the thing that really separate it from my Fortis. The bracelet sucks. Or no, it does not, but I had thought it would be solid links, but it is not. The bracelet feels light and a bit noisy. Like the clasp though!

Thinking about putting a rubber strap on, but i might ceep it as is. Looks good anyway.
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