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Hi all,
Noob here. Avid Seiko divers enthusiast since my dad gave me a 7548 700F 30 odd years ago (yes I still have it although it's in for a major overhaul).
Just got a SHC059 to take it's place as my daily beater. Lovin it so far. My dad almost got me a Tuna and showed it to me at the shop where he got the 7548 but couldn't justify the expense. I've always wanted one since. The Sawtooth is as close as I can afford.
Question. Can the allen screws on the shroud be changed for philips head like on the Tuna? I think that would look so much cooler and more Tuna like. Is this a do-able mod? Any suggestions on where to get them if it is possible? Any help appreciated.
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