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does anyone here have the SNZF15? the pespi one? that's kinda nice too XD
Yes, I have it. I bought it about four months ago. It is now my everyday watch. I absolutely love it! It's super accurate, I only reset it about one a month. The bracelet is folded links but I think it's fine. The Pepsi bezel has a sort of classic, timeless 1960's look that I really like.

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I can't see the pics anymore? I just bought one of these, shipping to me now. Has anyone found this movement to be accurate? What kind of +/- are you guys getting?
Just bought one from Skywatches, it's running 14 seconds fast in 24 hours at the mo. It's a K1, but I bought a SNZG15J1 and that is varying only about +2-5 seconds after 6 months or so. I have little doubt that a K1 watch is every bit as accurate as a J1.

PS, not my image, but one of the ones you may have lost.

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Just picked up one of these, must say I'm quite impressed for the price. Bracelet is very comfortable, movement is very quiet. It's got a bit of weight to it and isn't exactly small, but fits my 6.7 inch wrists well due to the short lugs, wraps around perfectly. Not available in Australia from an AD, bought O/S for AU$191 delivered. Bit of a bargain really, a lot of watch for the money and a great way to get an affordable & reliable 'sub' style watch.

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I was looking for an inexpensive, automatic "beater" watch that I can wear to work, etc. and not really have to worry about. I have previously owned a Seiko Black Monster and an Orient Orange Mako, and while I usually don't like the "Submariner" styled watches, when I saw this one, I thought it looked pretty cool, and different. So, I decided to pick one up.

I won mine off of eBay (about $100, shipped), and it came from a dealer/seller in Singapore, which took about two weeks for the watch to arrive to me here in Chicago (via mail). I wish I could have bought it here in the USA, but I do not believe these are US-Market watches (at least I have not been able to find one from a US dealer).

This is the first Seiko-5 I have owned, and I have to say that for the price, it's not too shabby! Comparing it to the similar watches I've owned (Monster and Mako), the fit and finish is pretty good!

A few photos:

Here's my first impressions:


Made from stainless steel, the dimensions are approximately 42mm wide (not including the crown), 12mm thick, and about 46mm lug-to-lug, with a 22mm lug-width. It is rated to 100M, so it is not really a "real" dive watch. The finish is very well done for a watch in this price range--it is a combination of brushed top, with polished sides, case back and bezel edges. The crystal is flat and very slightly recessed below the bezel, and I believe it is made of Hardlex (as is the screw-down, exhibition case back). The crown is located at the three-o'clock position, and it is NOT as screw-down crown, but rather a push/pull type (which is to be expected on a Seiko 5, I guess). One nice thing is that the bezel rotates very smoothly (counter-clockwise, 120-clicks), but I cannot tell if it has an actual insert or if it is just painted--to me, it just looks painted. (I hope it doesn't scratch too easily!)


The dial is actually the reason I decided to buy this model--it has the styling of a Sumo or Marine Master, and it looks really nice! It has a smooth, black finish, with raised, silver-trimmed, luminous markers. The "Seiko 5" logo also appears raised, but the rest of the text on the dial looks like it is just painted on in white. There is a day/date window at the three-o'clock position, and on this model, the day can be displayed as either English or Roman numerals. The silver-trimmed, hands are another really nice element of this watch. While the hour and minute hands remind me of Samurai or Sumo hands, the second hand is a standard "stick-and-ball" type.

As for lume, from my short test, it looks like it has decent-enough lume, but it doesn't seem to be as strong as the Monster (and I doubt it will last as long).


It is 22mm wide at the curved end links and tapers to 20mm at the signed clasp. It is a nicely made and finished bracelet, but it does not have solid end links on either the case side or on the clasp side. Although the clasp does not have a divers extension, it does have four micro adjustment holes which is a plus. Unfortunately, next to the non-screw-down crown, this is the weakest part of the watch. Also, the bracelet it a little more noisy than I would prefer, but again, for the price it's not too bad. It is nowhere near the quality of the Monster bracelet, though, and I would say that even the Mako's bracelet is better, even though that one has hollow end links, too.


Well, since I just got the watch, I can't comment on accuracy, yet, but it utilizes Seiko's 7s36 23-jewel automatic movement. It is a tried and true movement, so I expect it will run well, and if it is any better than +10 seconds per day, I will be happy!


Although I just got this watch today, here's what I think about it....For the price I paid (about $100, shipped), I think it is a decent watch. The fit and finish is actually really nice, and it uses a very solid movement from Seiko. It is definitely not as solid as an ISO-rated diver like a Monster or other SKX models, but it is not really priced in that range, either. Compared to an Orient Mako, however, it is a littler closer--the Mako has a better water resistance rating, screw-down crown, and a slight edge on the bracelet, BUT personally, I think the finish of the case (and especially the bezel) and the overall design of this Seiko 5 to be better than the Mako.

In fact, the only real "cons" I can see with this watch are, first, the lack of a screw-down crown and a 200m water resistance (basically that it is not an ISO-rated diver), and second, the use hollow end links in bracelet. That's about it!

So, in the end, for a non-dive watch in the $75-100 range, I think this watch is very nice and deserves some consideration. Personally, I think that if Seiko were to make an actual ISO-rated diver's watch with the size and styling of the SNZF17, I think they would have a real winner!

Now...I just have to see how this watch holds up to actually being a beater! (It's almost too nice-looking for that, but we'll see...!)
Very cool!

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I was examining this watch a littler closer and under a direct light (flashlight) and I noticed that there appeared to be a thin "film" and a few finger prints on the inside of the crystal! Apparently, this one slipped past Seiko's QC. Now, this really wasn't apparent under normal viewing, but nevertheless, it was a little annoying to me (even considering the price/level of the watch).

So, I removed the case back, pulled the crown/stem, removed the movement and cleaned the crystal as best I could. I had never pulled an automatic movement out before, but with my limited tools and experience, it wasn't too hard, really. I tried to be as careful as possible, though. After reinstalling the parts as carefully and cleanly as I could, I have to say that again, under "normal" viewing it looks fine (the same), but up close and under direct light, it looks much better. It's not 100% perfect, but it's acceptable I guess. I'm not a watchmaker, and for the cost of this watch, I wasn't going to pay anyone to do it or send it out anywhere, either.

All-in-all, I think I will be able to live with the watch, now, especially considering that this is just going to be my "beater" watch, anyway.

One thing I will note, though, is that when I had the movement/dial removed, I noticed that (to me) the dial appeared to be just made of plastic as is the chapter ring. Again, I guess this is really not a surprise considering the price point of the watch, but it is worth noting.

(I will post back later when I can better comment on how accurate the movement is...)
Thanks for the review l. A really nice watch
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