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Hi there,

Couple of days ago I bought bought myself an early birthday present, beautiful Seiko SSA305J1. The problem is I can't size the bracelet because there are only 2 adjustment holes on the clasp. If I take one link away the bracelet is just little too tight, but when I add the link it's way wide. Also, the clasp is flimsy and there is a big gap. Have to say on my Mako II Orient did a much better job with the clasp.

I put a mesh on the watch and it's not bad, but original bracelet looks too nice to leave it in the box.

I read so many threads about Seiko clasps, especially on SARB033, but there is no clear solution and also my bracelet is just a little bit different. Last link is straight.

I want to keep look and feel similar and I want to see if there are any good options before opting for some sort of divers clasp. Meaning, I'm searching for a clasp that has 3-4 adjustment holes, that will sit flush (thinner that most diver clasps (original is 6mm)) and that will be machined and of good quality.

STRAPCODE butterfly clasp is a good choice but additional 60$ + import TAX + dealing with customs is out of the question.

Any other suggestions?

Bracelet width at the clasp; 20mm
Bracelet thickness; 3mm

P.S. Sorry for poor photos, desk light is just not meant for product photography.
seiko (1 of 2).JPG seiko (2 of 2).JPG


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