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Seiko vs. Citizen watches

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In a very general way, are Seiko and Citizen watches considered to have about the same quality, i.e., fit and finish, accuracy, reliability, bang for the buck, etc.? I have owned many different Seiko watches and have been very happy with them all, and recently I purchased a Citizen eco-drive diver, only because I liked the textured dial and the price was right. I could just as easily bought another Seiko if I had found one designed like the Citizen. So what do owners of both think - are they pretty much the same? (I know that there are individual Seiko models that are superior to certain Citizens and the reverse is probably also true, so I am looking for general opinions from those who have experience of both.) Thanks!
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I have only owned one seiko. Its been a good watch so far. Never had a citezen.

I think i heard that citezen sells more and is more popular in the stares, and that seiko has more sales and is more popular in japan.

Both watches are great in my opinion if your considering buying a seiko or citezen try it out. You'll be impressed with either
Thanks everyone. Since my original question, I bought a Seiko SKX007 and a Citizen Eco-driver BN0020-07E. I wear the Seiko as my everyday beater on a Zulu strap. It's a great watch and a classic. The Citizen is nice too, but very heavy (24mm lug).

1 - 2 of 67 Posts
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