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Seiko vs. Citizen watches

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In a very general way, are Seiko and Citizen watches considered to have about the same quality, i.e., fit and finish, accuracy, reliability, bang for the buck, etc.? I have owned many different Seiko watches and have been very happy with them all, and recently I purchased a Citizen eco-drive diver, only because I liked the textured dial and the price was right. I could just as easily bought another Seiko if I had found one designed like the Citizen. So what do owners of both think - are they pretty much the same? (I know that there are individual Seiko models that are superior to certain Citizens and the reverse is probably also true, so I am looking for general opinions from those who have experience of both.) Thanks!
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Rolex is better than all of them combined.
And totally irrelevant too. A Hugo Boss suit is better than a pair of Levi's and Timberland shirt combined but you don't play football in the park with your nephew wearing a suit, do you?

Now whether a Rolex is better than a GS, is a different question and not one related to the post, either.
I'll sit here eating my popcorn, waiting for someone to sprout up and make a corny joke about this.
1 - 2 of 67 Posts
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