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I hope you all enjoyed the 1st installment of my travelogue. Here is the next part in the series which will cover the 1st day of the trip to Wilsons Promontory Nature reserve

Wilson Prom is a popular holiday destination for Victorians as it is only about 200 plus kms from the city.
The drive out of the city was uneventful (ie boring) with the multitude of traffic lights and traffic.

But once out of it, the driving was much more enjoyable and there was less stepping on the brakes

Watch wise i was accompanied by a beauty of a tuna and a Casio Protrek.

Its a different 1000M SQ tuna. This one is on a thick Strapculture leather strap.

The driving was wonderful with nice warm sun and empty winding roads to entertain the driver in me. At certain points the road was bordered by trees. I really like the interplay of shadows and sun on the road.

We soon came to our 1st scenic pit stop. This was along the Benurong Coastal drive which is alongside the Benurong Marine National Park. Here is a map of it.

Not forgetting the pepsi SKJ which was on my wife's wrist

Here there wasn't really a beach but you can see the waves breaking upon some flat rocks. Even that was some ways down. I decided to go down and get a closer look.
Thats the view from the top looking down at me...

This is the view from my camera looking up (its good to have 2 cameras on a trip LOL!)

Here are the flat rocks and the rocky beach

I think by then i was really on holiday mode and my orange sammy came out to play as well.
Orange Sammy on the left, Tuna on the right LOL! (Edit: I think these 2 pics were taken on the 2nd day but still the same place. Note the different day/date displays. LOL!)

The next stop was a small coastal town called Inverloch.
That had a proper beach. But what interest me most was the that the low tide exposed some low rocks.
(not sure why but the tuna is on my left wrist now LOL!)

So what does a self repecting WIS do in such situations? Why take watch photos of course! Good light, unique and beautiful background, nature, - sounds like a perfect recipe for the Watch Photo competition with "outdoor" as the theme. (little did i know i will be a day too late to submit my entry LOL!)

First off was my trusty Protrek PRG-80YT.

It always follows me on my trips because of its features. I will use it now to measure the temperature of the cold sea water.

I think the temperature eventually came down to around 17 degrees celsius.

Next the orange sammy has its day it the sun. This orange guy has followed me on many of my trips and it never fails to amaze me how good it looks in pics
I have recently put it on a Dirk tan leather strap and WOW! It looks really good!

No babying for this watch and its new shoes... in you go into the water

Oh look ! the local crabby resident comes out to investigate!

Me thinks he likes the sammy too much to let go of it LOL!
On guard!

Manage to keep my fingers intact and moved to a quietr neighbourhood where the inhabitants are less likely to pinch

Back on the beach, my tunas were clamouring for attention. Me think they are jealous of the Sammy LOL! Here they are trying get some of the limelight. Not very subtle are they?

Lets take a closer look...

The 1000M tuna and the SBBN007. Old vintage and young upstart LOL!

We were soon on the way again.
Decided to wear my tuna and sammy as i need to dry out the straps.
Obligatory two-wristed wrist shots

We eventually reach Wilsons prom but the entrance pic did not turn out well. Here is one taken at the memorial situated deeper in the nature reserve.

The Australian Commandos were deeply involved in the war and this placed trained the men that led the covert attack on Singapore harbour during the Japanese occupation.

Must have been really tough training in the deep jungles of the promontory. Its good that these men are honoured and remembered for their services and sacrifices.

The first stop in the Wilsons prom nature reserve was to say hello to some local residents. They are a quiet bunch but normally do not mind visitors.
Found a couple hanging out and having afternoon tea.

Soon they went hopping away

Next was Darby Beach
The beach was actually about 1km plus from the carpark. But around the carpark were other things to see.
A swampy area with the local birds

Entrance to the swamp..
(note the sign ? "No Power Boating" . I like to see that! LOL!)

The view was great as well

Suddenly i felt that we were being watched...

Its the local law enforcement! A foxy looking fox!( yeah corny...

It came closer. Probably looking for food.

Maybe he likes the orange sammy?


We trekked to the beach but the sun was going down...

So tried to find a good sunset lookout.
Drove around... Great views while driving as well

Found a nice spot by the road...

Went down to Squeky beach (where the sand is so fine it squeaks when you walk)
But it was too foggy to see much of the sunset there.

Saw a wombat eating his breakfast

Saw this beautiful texture in the sand...

We left soon after that to go back to our rented place which was a 80plus km drive back past Inverloch.

It was a great 1st day out and i really enjoyed the driving, scenery, animals and of course the company of my wife and beauties (watches

Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed the 'trip' as well. Here are some teaser pics for the next installment

Until next time

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Thanks Ken.
Oh yes, congrats on winning the Photo competition! The Zilla looks cool washed up on the beach LOL!

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thanks for sharing, love the pics & watches, so nice to see such raraties as kangaroos,foxes,wombats and full tank of petrol(first pic).Sorry i could'nt resist. im from uk!

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Thanks for sharing! Great pictures and great scenery, nature's really beautifull out there!

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Beautiful pics. Great watches too. You certainly didn't baby your Dirk leather strap on the Sammy. Were those Reds-(Kangaroo's)?

Thanks for sharing. :) I've always wanted to go Down Under:-d I'm a bit a an nature/animal nut. Have you ever come across a salty, inland taipan, atrax robustus (funnel Web), Eastern Brown, or Black Tiger in your neck of the woods? Those little nasties are fascinating to me. Watched too much Steve Irvin.
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