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I would like to ask for any references for vintage pocket watch servicing. I have a Hamilton 992, Model 2, from about 1920, RR grade. It is presently about 1 minute fast per day but hasn't had a cleaning/service/regulation in an indeterminate amount of time (at least 10 years). Most of that time, it was just a display piece on my father's dresser. He is gone now and I have the watch. It works just fine. I just want to get it into grade A shape. It is a real classic beauty with a gorgeous movement and deserves to be brought back to perfect health.

I'm in Upstate NY, if that matters.

I found and the owner seems to know his business well. Has anyone had any dealings with them? Or is there another well-regarded watchmaker that anyone can recommend for dealing with RR grade Hamiltons?

Thanks for any help!
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