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Contrary to what you may have been told, BUSA will not service vintage Breitlings.

BUSA will accept a vintage Breitling and then send it to Mark Heist's Horological Services (

Mark used to work for Breitling and his company has been specializing in the restoration and maintenance of vintage Breitlings for years. He is probably the best address for this kind of work.

Unlike BUSA; Breitling in Switzerland have a team of dedicated specialists dealing with vintage Breitlings, but having a watch sent there will take time and will not come cheap. They have serviced several of my vintage Breitlings, but the work took between two and three months and the costs were usually around $600 (2005 prices).

The caliber 12 in your 1806 is a fairly rare, unique and very complex movement and it speaks for your watchmaker when he suggests to have it serviced by someone who specializes in these movements. I once made the mistake of sending one of my 1809's to someone in the UK, who came highly recommended and who claimed he could perform this sort of work, only to have that person make a total mess out of it and force me to send the watch to Breitling in Grenchen, Switzerland after all. That taught me a lessson not to try to cut corners with vintage watches.

From the comments I have heard so far, Mark Heist would be the address where I would send my watch to if I lived in the USA.

Good luck.

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