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Seems this is a common issue - I got one this week and although I read the instructions very carefully, the order of them is not helpful. For example is says about "home" settings halfway through the manual almost as an aside but it seems it's essential.

However there are some useful tips and it IS a great watch - Archer 6 was very very helpful.

One thing missed though - the watch is likely to come with almost NO charge - stick it by an open window in the sun (if possible) for a good few hours - otherwise hardly any functions work.

Here are his tips:

You have a very good watch, that simply requires some patience at first, to get it setup properly. If you take the time to read the manual it's all explained quited nicely there.
1) My experience reveals that the best approach is to forget syncing it during the day.
2) Read the section in the manual about resetting the hands via the procedure outlined. It's actually very easy.
3) Now set the time manually
4) Ignore any gains or losses during the day
5) Leave it by a window at night and let it sit there from 11:45pm till 5:30am untouched.
6) Check it in the morning. If it has not synced don't worry, just try again the next night. Weather affects it and you should allow a minimum of four nights before you become concerned.
If you follow theses instructions you will have the best chance for a good result. Once it syncs for the first time at night then it will do so again without fail.
The biggest problem is not the watch, but peoples unwilliness to read the manual carefully and set it up properly. I have been through this process several times with different models including yours and have yet to experience a true failure. It's a good system and it works.


If it does not sync tonight, do not be surprised.

Nowhere in the manual does it say it's supposed to adjust the time every night. I have several Atomics and find that an "average" is for them to sync every second or third night. Therefore as I mentioned in my earlier post you should allow them at least four nights.

If you give up before then it's highly likely it's NOT the watch. If you would like to learn more, just Google it and you will find articles that describe all the variables that can prevent it from syncing, one of which is the weather. I've yet to hear of one that will not sync properly given the chance. Also if you have not set the hands to the home position and then gone about the rest of the setup, I would highly suggest you do the home setting routine. After all you are looking for success here.

On one hand people want hi-tech atomic watches, but then on the other many people have no patience for something new. They apply their personal standards... "its too slow" to the technology and condemn it, instead of accepting that it is new and different. I have experience with most of the newer ana-digi G-Shock models and have not had one single problem.

Hope this helps and thanks again Archer6!!
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