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1. McDowell Time Maxton - Love the Speedmaster/Autavia vibes from this. Still my favorite panda chrono, just wish they made one in automatic.

2. Rado D-Star R15762102 - Love the unique case shape and how clean the dial is. The ceramic case and integrated bracelet still look like new after 1 year of frequent wear.

3. Seiko SARB033 - Everyone said no budget collection is complete without one and I'm gonna have to agree. The watch has really grown on me and is my current everyday watch.

4. Citizen Nighthawk BJ7000-52E - It might be a tad too large for my wrist, but I can't seem to get myself to sell it. Every time I pick it up I'm blown away by the detail and quality for the price.

5. Citizen NY-0040 - My favorite diver watch to date. The curves in the case make it wear much smaller than its size would suggest. Love to colors and detail on the dial. I have it on a black rubber strap now, but here it is on an engineer bracelet.

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Here's my watch collection story, starting from my 1st acquistion to the latest:

1. Tag Heuer Formula 1 Red (Quartz) - My first (newbie) purchase; still cannot afford an automatic watch at that time. And these were the days where I wore a red Converse Chuck Taylor (even in office) so I found this watch fitting with my earlier "fashion style". After 5 battery replacements, this watch still serves me well. Definitely one of my sentimental piece in my collection.


2. Rado Diastar Original - My first automatic watch. Also my first watch which i considered versatile: a dress watch, casual watch, and a beater. Already been the desert, snow, offshore platforms, and tropics: this humble watch has survived them all.


3. Hamilton Ventura XXL - Men in Black and Elvis Presley inspired. My first watch purchased online. Also my first "avant-garde" looking watch in rubber strap.


4. Breitling Colt Chronograph B13 - My first pre-owned watch. Came with a black leather strap.


5. Vostok Amphibia "Scuba Dude" - My first Russian watch and my first watch with textile strap.


6. Omega Speedmaster Reduced - This has the most sentimental value among my collection since it was a gift from my wifey for our 7th year wedding anniversary, my 40th birthday and my 40th Christmas celebration (yes i was born on a Christmas day and we got wed just a few days before Christmas 😃). It's just a pre-owned Speedy and its not a Professional moonwatch, yet being given as a surprise gift from my wife is a clear sign that she supports my hobby and she does not have to be vocal about it (action speaks louder than words afterall). That sign alone is a big reason for me to celebrate. Also shows that she did her homework on what brands & model to chose for my next collection. This became my most favorite watch in my collection and still among my Top 3.


7. Seiko SKX009J1 - i bought this the same day my wife gave me a Speedmaster so I can finally have my first Japanese watch in my collection.


8. Casio G-Shock Mudmaster - Also bought this a week later after my Seiko. Was hesistant in getting a enormous watch but i took my chances anyway since no watch collection is complete without a G-Shock. Got this in a discounted last stock price. Wearing it for week, i came to appreciate why G-Shock's deserves a place in horology. I can say this is 3rd among my Top 3 favorites in my collection. Not just an everyday watch, this is also my "weekend warrior" watch whenever I play airsoft.


9. Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso Grande Taille - My first manual-wound watch (bought pre-owned) and my 1st grail watch (any watch worth more than $3k is a grail to me) . I have ran out of words to describe my appreciation to this watch. All i can say are 2 things: #1 a manually-wound JLC Reverso is more beautiful and sexy in personal than merely looking at its photo, and #2 this instantly became the 1st of my Top 3 faves in my collection.



Collection Ancillaries:

  • Mantello 12-slot carbon fiber display case
  • unbranded faux leather travel watch case (3-slots)
  • Versa quad winder




Next goals:

- get a replacement leather strap for my Speedmaster auto.

- restore my beat up Tag Heuer F1

- get another beater watch/everyday, steel case,bracelet, non-Swiss, non-Japanese, automatic, under $1k. (Spinnaker, Christopher Ward, and Bulova looks interesting. Suggestion/recommendations are appreciated).

- an automatic moonphase under $3k

Next Grail Goal:

GS SBGA211 Snowflake

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Just put the summer tires on most of the divers.

clockwise starting in the box:
Full metal G-square gold, black, silver, Oceanus T200, Citizen BN0150, NTH Scorpene, Doxa 300T Caribbean, Nodus Avalon, Deep Blue DayNight Rescue on DB 91 rubber, NTH Thresher on turquoise Isofrane, Doxa Sub 200 on Barton Silicone, Helson SD 42 on Helson rubber, Steinhart OVM GMT on Hirsch Robby, Deep Blue Alpha Marine 500 on DB 91, Deep Blue Mil Diver 300 on DB 91 PVD.

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Just had a new arrival yesterday with my Hamilton Khaki Mechanical so I thought I’d post up the collection since I have nothing on my radar at the moment (well almost nothing).

I will present it then and now to show how my collection has changed since 2017, which is the oldest collection pic I could find.

My collection in 2017:

Citizen Nighthawk
Seiko SNDF93
Seiko SKX009
Seiko SNZH53 55 Fathoms Mod
Seiko SARY057
Shinola Runwell 41
G-Shock GW2310
Timex Waterbury Chronograph
Orient Ray II
Steinhart OVM
Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic 42
Orient Bambino V1 Gen2

My collection now:

Certina DS Action Diver
Oris Aquis Date 43.5
Sinn 104
Tudor Black Bay 41
Laco Augsburg Blaue Stunde 42
Stowa Marine Klassik 40
Seiko SUR311
Seiko SRPB43
Seiko SKX009
Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical
Timex MK1 Steel
Timex Marlin X Peanuts
G-Shock GMW-B5000
G-Shock GW-B5600

What hasn’t changed? The SKX. It’s the only holdover from 2017. Also, I still like a variety of both styles and brands. Collection size as well. 12 then and 14 now. I tried going down to 6 and then 8 but still felt like I wanted some more variety. Idk what the ideal collection size is for me but I think 10-12 may be the sweet spot.

What has changed? Like a lot of us the price point of my purchases has increased, although most of the collection is still in the affordable range.

For me the absolute keepers are what were for me my 3 grails, the Tudor Black Bay, Oris Aquis, and Sinn 104. The Stowa Marine, Certina DS Action, Seiko SKX, and GMW-B5000 are keepers as well. The Hamilton might get there but I’ve had it less than 24 hours so impossible to say at this point. The Seiko SUR311 is surprisingly one that may reach keeper status as well just based on it being a versatile grab and go piece and something I definitely plan on using for travel. But on the other hand it also makes me want a Grand Seiko 9F. Funny how that works.

I’m sure 4 years from now my collection will look somewhat different than it does today but it’s unlikely to have the turnover it has had since 2017. With all the churn of watches in and out I have learned a lot more about what I like and what works for me.

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Finally bought a watchbox as my collection grew past 20 watches, and I am trying to winnow down a few watches so that I have just 16 in the box and one on the wrist.

The JeanRichard in this box is already gone. Loved it, but it wore too big for me.
The Nomos Club Campus pictured below, just arrived.
And the Seiko Samurai and Ball Trainmaster pictured below were both absent for classroom picture day.





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All my watches are from thrift stores or pawn shops. I had a Rolex 15 years ago and sold it. IMHO, It’s more fun to find watches in the wild.

PS= pawnshop, TS= thrift store, ES= estate sale.

Top row:
Oris(PS), G-Shock(TS), SKX007J(PS),
Seiko 6309-7040(TS), Wyler(TS), Ollech & Wajs(TS)

Bottom row:
Seiko 3803-7010(ES), Seiko 4823(PS), Seiko 4623(TS), Hamilton(PS), Omega(TS), Rotary(PS)

The LeJour Chrono, Luminox and the Seiko SKA371 are from Pawn shops, everything else is from a thrift store. Except the Gruen and the timex. Those where both worn by grandparents.

now that's a characterful collection 🤠

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Dan Henry 1962 coming next week. Got the Casio yesterday.

Stowa flieger verus
Seiko turtle save the ocean
Dan Henry 1964
Casio F-91W
Dan Henry 1962
Cadisen Datejust
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