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I try to have a watch for every mood.

from top right:
seagull 1963 chronograph (remake by seagull, but with sapphire glass, but still original size), the watch is 38, but looks much smaller when worn. They also make a 40 and 42.

seiko presage zen garden, you cannot see it, but it has a nice white striped material dial,

San Martin bronze diver. I wanted a bronze diver some years back, and this just felt right.

Holzkern Manhattan. I know a lot of watch people hate wooden watches, but I wanted one for when playing with the hippies.

A bow tie Accutron, it keeps time by a vibrating tuning fork type device, and you can hear it hum,
if you ever buy one, then recommend getting one that has been updated to take modern batteries.

Seiko Presage something or other. Wanted the original cocktail time, but missed out. This is one of the replacement releases,

Seiko Alpinist.

Timex Snoopy. as some days you just need a fun watch,

Rotary skeleton. As it was the second watch I ever purchased, and has good memories,

Edgard double flywheel watch. Liked the shape and curved sapphire. I socialise a lot, and the watch gives people an easy way to start a conversation.

CIGA design. a mechanical watch in an Apple Watch shaped case. A slight rebellion against smart watches,

a little Bambino v2, as still believe it is the be cheap dress watch you can get,

on its way here is a 17.5m Nixie tube watch, and if this message board ever lets me send PMs, and it has not been sold, a Zelos.

Seiko, Orient and now Addiesdive
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Orient Mako 2, Kamasu, Ray Raven 2
Addiesdive Willard
Seiko Chrono Tachy
90's seiko quarts 2 tone (grad gift)
70's Seiko automatic..grandfathers watch

(pictures obviously not in order sorry)

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This is my first time in the Affordables sub-forum. The most expensive thing in my collection is my Farer Eldridge—it’s also one of the few watches I’ve ever bought new. I love that with so many cool lower-priced watches out there, it’s not hugely expensive to build a really diverse collection.


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New to the forum today. I think my little collection is definitely in the affordable category 👍


Left to right:

Pulsar chronograph vd53-x055
Skagen hagen hybrid smart watch
Vincero chrono s (I know I know)
Breo quartz
Casio ae2000w
Invicta Pro Diver (can't remember the ref but liked the yellow accent)
Missing from the shots are these two..

The black dial Seiko is a 'baby Monaco' ref 7019-5000 which is currently in for repair and gentle tidy up.

And the green dial is a Seiko 5KX which I received today

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Here's what I like to wear.

The top and bottom rows show the basic types I like to have:
Vintage hand wind
12hr bezel diver
And the San Martin on the end fits with both those rows - bronze beater.

The four in the middle are just fun variations. I have a few others, but these see the most wrist time.
2121 - 2130 of 2130 Posts