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Seiko Speedtimer or SPB?

  • Seiko Speedtimer

    Votes: 16 32.7%
  • SPB

    Votes: 33 67.3%
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Currently have a 5kx (and an snk) and want something nicer. Thought about oris, CW and sinn but it seems they all have some drawbacks and at that pricepoint I feel it's better to put that money towards my end game watch!

These are the ones I am considering:

Seiko solar chronograph, looks cool, I've never had a chronograph before. What do the small clocks and buttons on side do?

View attachment 17320783

Or of course the SPB

View attachment 17320784

This next watch will pretty much be my main watch. I will buy an end game watch later, but even then I will probably only keep that in the bank safe box and only wear it for really special occasions. But this next watch will pretty much be my main watch!
Spb143 would be my choice. The visual on that watch is like near perfection in how a watch should look and in its proportions. I would suspect it to be how the Socratic "Forms" of a watch would look.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts