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Seiko Speedtimer or SPB?

  • Seiko Speedtimer

    Votes: 16 32.0%
  • SPB

    Votes: 34 68.0%

Should my next watch be a seiko speedtimer or spb?

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Currently have a 5kx (and an snk) and want something nicer. Thought about oris, CW and sinn but it seems they all have some drawbacks and at that pricepoint I feel it's better to put that money towards my end game watch!

These are the ones I am considering:

Seiko solar chronograph, looks cool, I've never had a chronograph before. What do the small clocks and buttons on side do?

Watch Analog watch White Light Clock

Or of course the SPB

Watch Analog watch Gesture Clock Font

This next watch will pretty much be my main watch. I will buy an end game watch later, but even then I will probably only keep that in the bank safe box and only wear it for really special occasions. But this next watch will pretty much be my main watch!
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I have seen the Speedtimer in person. IMHO, not one of their better efforts.....

SPB for my vote.
What color was the dial, Nokie?
The SPB looks so dull that it would put me to sleep before I'd even registered the time. And as you already have the 5kx it seems redundant. But then I like chronos, and contrary to a post above I use mine regularly.
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SPB, but a 151.

I will say that the Speedtimer wears a lot better than raw measurements might indicate. Seiko know how to make a thicc watch fit well.
I would really avoid Seiko and go for a Swiss or German brand. Seikos are overpriced and overrated these days and they can’t make an accurate movement to save their lives.
The Speedtimer is solar quartz, accuracy won’t be an issue.
I love the look of the SPB143 and for a main watch I think the grey helps the versatility. I have a soft spot for both the 143 & the 149 with it's pop of color. The 149 may be a better addition to a collection, whereas the 143 is definitely a main watch/daily wear.
I was really up for the chrono. Loved the look of it in the jewellers. However I already have this:-
Watch Analog watch Watch accessory Clock Rectangle

The only difference is an extra £300 for a power reserve. I also agree the 24hr dial is there for aesthetics only. Completely useless.
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Not that into chronos, so I don't really have insight into the speedtimer. I do have an SPB187 and while I like its aesthetics, the accuracy is terrible and while I think it's fair on the used market (around $500), at MSRP it's ridiculous.
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If you're looking for something nicer, I'd go for the SPB143. The sunburst dial in person is gorgeous. I've had both, and will probably get another 143, but the Speedtimer just never really won me over.
Although I don’t like the design it’s the Speedtimer for me, no question. Why? There are multiple threads on the Seiko subforum bemoaning the accuracy and quality of the 6-series movements powering the SPB line. I’m not talking watch nerd timegrapher stuff, I’m talking noticeably bad or unreliable. Maybe it’s anecdotal, but there are a hell of a lot of anecdotes.

If you want your watch to tell time get the Speedtimer.

Also, I would personally have a little “why don’t you save up for an SLA017/37/43/Beams” voice constantly going in my head if I had an SPB.
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I voted for the spb.
Four birds with one stone if you really want a Seiko.
Iconic solar diver with digital chronograph function (more accurate timing than hands on a wheel analog). You already have two watches similar to the spb.

Watch Analog watch Clock Font Watch accessory

If you aren’t set on Seiko, have a wrist > 7” ,here’s an 262khz analog chronograph with big, readable subdials that doesn’t look like a Daytona….and it’s on sale for a very low price.

Watch Analog watch Clock Watch accessory Rectangle
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What color was the dial, Nokie?
The blue/black/red one. The dial is very nice in person as is the case, but the rattly and uncomfortable OEM bracelet really took a lot away from this watch.

I think on a strap it would punch much higher than its price suggests.
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Fair warning that the 6R35 is not well regulated out of the factory.

My old SPB143 was running almost +60spd. It wasn't good as a daily wearer because I'd have to adjust the time so often.

I could have tried getting it regulated but I just sold it out of frustration.
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