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I know there are a lot of people with more but i have

1 x Breitling the book
1 x Breitling for bentley book
1 x Breitling B01 book
1 x Breitling Servicing book
3 x baseball caps (1, as per pic, 1black and white and 1, black,white and red
1 x Breitling pen knife with leather pouch
2 x Breitling display stands
2 x Breitling Carry bags
1 x Breitling Carrier bag
1 x Breitling C.D carrier
6 x Breitling lanyards
4 x Breitling twissel sticks
1x Breitling Fighter tee shirt
1 x signed Breitling Orbiter post card
1 x Breitling jet team shop stand
And 8 Breitling catalogues

I will post some pics when i get it all out


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Hmmmm.... Well, since 2003 I've acquired quite a bit of swag but have given most (almost all) of it away to family and friends. I'll try to remember as much as I can...

2 Breitling Navitimer flight jackets
1 Breitling MA-1 flight jacket
1 Breitling World Cup of Aerobatics flight jacket
1 Breitling CAP30 RC a/c
1 Breitling parka
8 Breitling hats
1 Breitling visor
1 Breitling golf umbrella
2 Breitling golf bags
2 Breitling knives
2 Breitling lighters
1 Breitling ash tray (no, I do not smoke)
3 Breitling back packs
2 Breitling CD cases
1 Breitling briefcase
1 pair Breitling yellow socks
1 Breitling large sport bag
5 Breitling T-shirts
7 Breitling polo shirts
3 Breitling pens
2 Breitling "The Book" (many thanks to my good friend Frank ("Helderburg") who provided a wonderful gift for my sister & her husband!)
1 Scott Carpenter commemorative medallion and 50th anny boarding pass
3 earlier catalogs and price lists/brochure
2 "Made by Breitling" books
2 Bentley books
1 Breitling Aerosports DVD
3 Breitling advertising posters
2 Breitling crystal watch holders
1 2004-2005 sales handbook
1 2006-2007 sales handbook
All Breitling "Chronologs"

I'm sure there's something I missed but my memory is fading with age... My sister has a few of the more rare items including the World Cup flight jacket (1 of five Swiss made for staff at the event in 2004 - wearing it in the pic below) and truly one-of-a-kind jewelry I had made for her birthday from the extra Pilot bracelet links which came with her Callisto. A jeweler friend of mine used his brother's industrial laser soldering machine to make the earrings and necklace for sis. Soldering white gold onto 316L stainless is impossible without one of those bad boys. :roll: A pic below of her watch with the jewelry...

BTW, wifey thinks (knows?) that anyone with such an obsession in "junk" must be a little off kilter. I probably agree with her... :)


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Sodding heck guys, I was quite happy with my baseball cap, lanyard with earplugs, pen and a couple of Chronologs until I saw this little lot. Where have I been going wrong?
Love the clocks Amhoff and the wings Ron....I won't bother posting a picture of my stuff (walks off kicking his heels).
Any donations, greatly received!:-d

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Beats the hell out of me where this stuff comes from! I remember telephoning BUK a couple of years ago for anything like this, and they had nothing. I've bought three Breitlings from the same AD and haven't even had a catalogue!

Although . . . I just remembered - I sent my Steelfish in for a maintenance service and which was done gratis: the AD said that Breitling does that sometimes.

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Great photos, y'all!

I have lusted after those Breitling wall and desk clocks since I started caring about watches... :p and what pilot's den isn't complete without a wing?!

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More Breitling clock info- Breitling huit jours alarm clock- Only 1000 made in the 90's/original price was about 2k

Analog watch Watch Clock Wall clock Watch accessory

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Breitling AD counter top display clock(not for sale printed on rear of stand)/ huit jours alarm clock Analog watch Watch Watch accessory Font Fashion accessory
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