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Show off your Seiko 5

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Just got my first Seiko 5. I love the watch! Amazing value. I wonder why Seiko does not sell there value line in the United States. They could clean up if they were in Macy's and the like. Better price and a zillion times better than any Fossil or Invicta I have ever seen! Anyways lets see your Seiko 5s! Comments welcome all around!


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New to the forum - This place is great, but it’s going to cost me :). Today on the wrist is the good old Seiko 5 snkl23j1.
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It's a dark vintage quick release from cheapest NATO straps. But I'm upgrading soon, watch this space 😉
Thanks. Straps on the SNKL23’s usually have a wider-than-usual gap due to the lug holes being right at the end of the long lug wings. But that strap looks thicker at the end and seems to fill that space nicely.
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It does fill the gap but beware - the quality is hit and miss. I have a light brown one for my other SNKL and I can't wear it because it's started to tear around the spring bar.
Good to know. Did you go with a 18mm or squeeze in a 19mm? Thanks.
^^^ I really like that one Timmat!

After trying several leather straps on my SNKL41 without anything really sticking I popped it back on the factory bracelet to remind myself why I wanted to change it.

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Gotta say, after some time away, I'm really liking it!
The bracelet on that one is the best in the old Seiko 5 lineup imo. 18mm lug, but that band is wider, giving it a more substantial feel. I sometimes struggle with straps on 18mm lugs - they just look too narrow. I had brown leather on my snkl41 for a brief moment, but went right back to the stock wider bracelet.
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Found this Seiko family shot on top of a puzzle in an old folder.

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What strap do you have on the SNKL41? Nice.

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What model is that one?
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