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Why would you do this?

To me, I mean. That thing is cool.

My wife is going to hate the gold watch I will inevitable end up with.
This is actually the secondary watch from a mod I did for my wife. She wanted a "watch with a pink face, grey strap and to see the gears through the back". And she showed me a DW or MVMT that she liked the look of. So I took this rose gold SRPE72 and an SRPE55 DressKX and mixed them up. She got the SRPE55 with the rose gold dial and hands and grey Barton silicone strap. I also installed a double-dome sapphire. And this is the mashup of the left over parts. And I had a single-dome sapphire for an SKX that I installed. I am seriously surprised how much I like it. I used to have a gold Turtle that I liked. But this is really cool. I'm really digging the rose gold. The rose gold looks like pre-patina bronze.

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Hello Seiko 5 enthusiats.
This one has been limping along for the last few weeks.
Watch Analog watch Everyday carry Clock Wrist

I did a time check with the Hamilton this morning.
The snk805 has kept generally decent time.
But I was tweaking the time by a minute here and there every second day.
So I have decided to just let it run as it is.
Maybe over a few months?
Wearing it and keeping it running.
It was my first watch after about a twenty year hiatus.
I hardly ever took it off; now I keep it running because the day/date setting seems more finicky than my Hamilton or the Portsea Calendar.
They are only a minute slow over several weeks checked against my Timex Expedition.
I wish I still had the eyes and fine motor skills for tinkering with movements.
So passionate and the obsession is not in charge so much:giggle:
So that's how my relationship with the 5 is going.
Just fine.
Glad I found this thread!

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Thanks. Straps on the SNKL23’s usually have a wider-than-usual gap due to the lug holes being right at the end of the long lug wings. But that strap looks thicker at the end and seems to fill that space nicely.
It does fill the gap but beware - the quality is hit and miss. I have a light brown one for my other SNKL and I can't wear it because it's started to tear around the spring bar.

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Is Seiko 5 the new affordable Seiko?
Affordable is relative.

The "5" series by Seiko, has long been one of the most affordable mechanical watch options.

The rebranding of the "5" brand, aims that watch series toward the more average consumers, while the rest of Seiko's models have gotten more expensive (the "5" series have as well) and priced outside the average consumers watch budget.
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