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During my first foray into watch accumulation about 15 years ago, in addition to contemporary German and Swiss, I also collected Seiko and Doxa vintage dive watches. As my tastes and knowledge changed, I sold off the expensive jewelry and the vintage watches. The problem with vintage dive watches is that they are, well, vintage, often beat up and cannot be used for their intended purpose.

When I came back into watch accumulation a couple of years ago I focused on watches that had a history, or their replicas.
Also, with the advent of the micro watch companies, the watch world has expanded and changed. So now my collection, for example, includes Turtle 777, a couple of Tunas, a Flieger replica, etc.

I've always liked the 6105, but didn't want a vintage model. So I have been looking at homages and settled on the BombFrog. Construction and finish are very good. I'm sure some will object to the logo and lettering. I find it sort of amusing and also makes sure the watch won't be mistaken for a Feiko.

Let's see your 6105 homages.

IMG_5920r by Robert Copple, on Flickr

IMG_5925r by Robert Copple, on Flickr

IMG_5928r by Robert Copple, on Flickr

IMG_5912 by Robert Copple, on Flickr
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