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Chinese titanium bracelet.

After being using this Chinese band on my first Instinct, here is a new one for the Epix.
The weight is coherent and I remember test on the spare links which shows green Sparks as titanium alloy does.
The Casio GMW-b5000 TB is DLC with triple coat G and shows zero scratches after a year.
Let see how this one will do.
I have bought it on Amazon France.
For those interested this ANBEST titanium bracelet.
(no link would be useful unless you are in France but I will provide it in the comments.)
The equivalent of LFDAS I use to buy on Amazon US.
Mine is the 22mm.
You can notice there is half a link for better adjustment.

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Is it really the solar version? They look like the classic non solar version.
That is model 010-02064-71 which is the first gen Instinct Tactical - not solar. See it here: Instinct Tactical

Solar models of the Instinct Tactical are available in different colors, and have "SOLAR" embossed at the 6H position on the bezel. See them here: Instinct Solar Tacticals

As foolish as i feel i realized i had the wrong model just after i posted, i went to mess with the solar settings during my brief lunch break and found their was no solar settings. I ordered it off of the Garmin store on amazon and thought i was just choosing a color when i in fact the tan color was not available in solar (but was the exact same price as the solar version). The tactical features are useless to me as i don't plan to run through the woods with NVG's it was simply a color preference for me. Silly mistake that has been corrected, i returned the old one to my local Kohls and got the actual instinct solar last night.
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