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Watchuseek team interviewed Ludovic Ballouard and his business partner Masaki Saito and asked them the following questions:

1. There is a big debate on the use of term "made in-house" among the watch enthusiasts. Why is it so important to build everything independently in this globalized, shrinking world? Follow up: Is innovation or independence more important?

2. What are your thoughts on the use of silicon parts in watchmaking?

3. In the unpredictable wave of global commerce and finances, watch companies tend to navigate by covering both the high-end complications as well as entry level timepieces. What is your navigation strategy?

4. As a watchmaker you have to think of both technical and aesthetics. If you had the opportunity to design or re-design something non-watch related, what would it be? It can be something which fascinates you or bothers you.

5. What one advice would you give to a novice watch collector just starting to explore horology?

Bhanu & Scott
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