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Vianney Halter admiring his Deep Space Tourbillon

When we think of certain science fiction movies like Star Wars, 2001 Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, etc., they seem to be way ahead of their time. The same applies to Vianney Halter's watches. Watchuseek interviewed Vianney (several-part video interview to follow) and learned that his inspiration for his watches comes from classic mechanical machines or as he calls it "classic technology". He collects a lot of objects of classic technology like instrument panel from a plane, vintage mechanical machines, and even a production piece of a space capsule (not used for a mission).

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Vianney Halter Trio Grande Date

Vianney says he dreams of these objects and after sometime he begins to imagine how his vision could transform into his new design for a watches. Vianney's latest creation of Deep Space Tourbillon began with him watching all the original Star Trek television episodes. Then a friend informed of other Star Trek series like The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, Voyager, etc. He started watching other series and then got inspired from the Deep Space 9 to build his apropos named Deep Space Tourbillon.

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To understand this watch we should imagine (Being Vianney Halter) the spherical titanium case being the spaceship platform.
The domed sapphire crystal being the protective shield.
The index ring being the holodeck where the crew is standing.
The two curved blue steel hands as a scanning machine rotating around the perimeter.
The triple-axis tourbillon being the energy source of the spaceship.
And finally, for fun the strap made from Klingon hide :)

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Deep Space Tourbillon is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. Even with the domed sapphire crystal, it fits nicely under the shirt cuff.

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Vianney Halter's Antiqua

Vianney says with a chuckle that Deep Space Tourbillon got so many people interested in his work that when they found a picture of his classic Antiqua, they asked the price of the watch. He made Antiqua 20 years ago! But, he obliged and is able to produce Antiqua on a limited basis.

Editor: Bhanu Chopra
Photo: Scott Sitkeiwitz
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