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From the Mystery Bag thread....

Here's a picture of my vintage Luch ultra-thin with 2209 movement. This is my first time posting in the Orient forum but I wanted to venture over and check you guys out.

As you can tell from my taste in watches, I'm keeping an eye on the 60th anniversary watch. I wish Orient would premiere a few more watches with simple, classical designs.
Glad you mentioned this. The first Orient that I bought was one that I saw briefly as bygone DOD, and waited to come around again. It has a classic, 1950s, Mad Men sort of look, similar to old Rolex Explorers, and fine detailed texture on the dial just added to the appearl. What I couldn't quite tell from the advertising images ... was the appearance of the hour markers and numerals,... which turned out to be polished steel or plastic, and wink and catch the light in an endless variation.

Not the original Orient band. This is an imported Darlena black carbon fibre band that just happens to look like it was made for this watch.

Lo and behold, seeing YeomanSeiko's blog on the Orient 60th anniversary photo book, there are pics of a 1951 OrientStart that had the same dial markings (if different style dial detailing).

I couldn't be more pleased, as I've been watching private sales of vintage 1950s Swiss watches for a similar "look" -- a new watch with reliable movement was a win for me.

There are other watches in the Orient lineup that might suit you. E.g., the 60th anniversary watch that you mentioned has an uncanny similarity to a 1962 model ...

Here's that Explorer look (though I can't fathom why the CEX0P and CEX0R have a second button) ...

I very nearly picked this up on a recent DOD ... But I already have a "big day" watch, and wanted something different.

Are there other Orients that are retro-looking, if not returns to previous designs? Let's discuss....
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