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Simple, durable, rugged, light and not too expensive - can it be done - recommend please

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Hi All,

I have had a good search through past topics so have some ideas, but really need pointing in the right direction.

I need a watch that has the following attributes - with a "want score" next to each one.

1. Light weight 8 Points - I don't really want to know I am wearing it.
2. Durable 9 Points - I will use it every day including surfing and travelling. Water resistant with rubber or material strap.
3. Simple - 9 Points - If possible I guess it would be in the field watch style with date - no multi-dial, and "military look".
4. Reasonable cost - 6 points - I will pay up to $500 if I have to, but much less if I can.
5. Easy enough to read - 5 points - I guess if the above all work then this will fit in.

I am coming off a Tag Heur Aquaracer 500M WAJ1113.FT6015 that I liked, but it was too heavy. I also dropped it, dented the sharp edge and broke the pins. Tag is quoting a $950 repair. (I can buy a new one for $1500.)

Through your forum I have found the Momentum Atlas that I like but worry that it is too cheap and not durable enough (especially the glass) Atlas Collection| Momentum® | St. Moritz Watch Corporation

and also some from Christopher Ward (but worry that it is too expensive for my needs and not durable enough.) View All Aviation Men

Many thanks for your considered replies.

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Citizen BM6400. Quartz, light weight, Eco drive, great lume, and at $120 new it's a great value.
I really appreciate the above recommendations - a quick read of reviews of this watch says that it has mineral chrystal, and that it scratches easily and it could do with Sapphire Chrystal.

Is that a valid complaint? If so, I guess I would be after watches with Sapphire.

Thanks again.

Many thanks for the advice. I have purchased a Citizen BM6400 and it should arrive in a couple of days I guess. I have also purchased two Bonetto Cintuarini straps (orange and black.) So that should by my shopping done for a while now.

Many thanks for your kind and courteous replies and welcoming me into the world of watches!

Until next time, thanks,.

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Here's a consideration if you get bitten by "the bug" (a.k.a. buying multiple watches)...

Bertucci Performance Field Watches - A-3T Vintage 42
Bertucci Performance Field Watches - A-4T Vintage 44 Aero
Bertucci Performance Field Watches - A-4T Vintage 44 Yankee

They are titanium-cased with quartz movements, so will not notice it on your wrist. The WR is 100M and the crowns are screw-down. The crystals are mineral, but deeply recessed below the bezel.

I really like mine and thought they would be right up your alley.
Many thanks for that. Do you have an idea of the weight of the above - either with or without strap? I have searched everywhere and can't find anything and would be interested to find out / buy another.


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