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Here is the review of my recently arrived Sinn 101 - Valjoux 726

It was not really foreseen, but let's says that watch is to commemorate the 50 years of Sinn!

If Sinn is pretty popular on the net today, it remains difficult to find information on their early years, even in the very good catalogue made nowadays. Maybe we could do something about it here, by gathering all the knowledge about Sinn history.

Among first products made by Sinn, the cockpit clocks NaBo, still produced today, which equipped many aircrafts and are very researched by collectors.
Part of the first design, the 101 arrived with all the codes of the pilot watch according to Sinn.Even today, the 103St is very close to the 101 design, the 356 has a lot of similarities:

and when you see the EZM1 case, no need to wonder where it is coming from:

For the characteristics, the watch diameter is 40mm without the crown, 12mm thick, plexiglas, screwed caseback protecting a Valjoux 726 which makes this 101 very attractive to me!
I asked Sinn the production date of my model, their answer was that it has been produced in the early 70s

As mentionned above, the case is familiar to Sinn amateurs. If the design can still be found in today's production, the quality of the case has improved quite significantly.
The « needle » type hands, the lugs, the bezel have crossed the 50 years of the brand and are still used today without modifications.

The 3-6-9 layout results in a very well balance dial completed with the Sinn logo at 12. The sub dials writings and hands are very thin but very legible.

I mentionned the balance of the dial, but you have noticed that the chronograph minutes sub dial is bigger than the others. I find that aestheticly very nice, even if the price to pay is the cutting of 2 and 4 index.

The caseback is screwed, almost nothing on it except « Swiss Made » and the serial number (359XXX).

Once the caseback is open, we can see the valjoux 726. I often looked after some Valjoux 72 based vintage watch, but a friend recently bought a 101, i tried it, and it became obvious to me that I found my V72!

A few words about this caliber:
The 726 is one of the latest version of the Valjoux 72, known for its quality and reliability. It is 30mm wide, 5.8mm thick, incabloc, 17 jewels, 46h power reserve, column wheel, but the evolution compared to the classic V72 is its frequency, going from 18000alt/h to 21600alt/h and a fine tuning of the spiral. The use of the chronograph is very soft, the reset also and works very well.
I was also surprised to see the quality of the grade used by Sinn in this watch, which has nothing to envy to famous brands of the 70s like Heuer.

A few pics to finish:
Sinn Family:


a link to a friend's 101 pics page, (Msaint posting on WUS regularly)

As you probably notice, I am very happy with this new Sinn, a bit thinner than my 5100 based Sinn, it will be a bit more versatile for me and will often find naturally its place on my wrist. I was happy to share the review of this model, not very well known, and feel free to add or correct anything!

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Magnifique - bien fait!

Beautiful watch, I particularly like the enlarged 30min totaliser, slightly reminiscent of a Deepstar, great idea which Sinn again used on the U1000 minute subdial. Very clean example too, great to see the movement.

Have a look at Guinand if you haven't already, some really nice similar watches with beautiful movements and display backs but basically the same case as the 103.
40.xx series for example:


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Thanks a lot for the write up! I have an old manual Sinn 103 incoming and now I feel the need to hunt down a 101. I've been searching for a JLC with the same case and caliber but I'm guessing a Sinn 101 would be better priced. :D

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Such a nice example.
The panda version is also a treat to look at and with the valjoux 72 movement and Helmut Sinn's history these watches will just keep rising in value for the years to come.
I love the tri compax arrangement.
My version of the tri compax 101 says hi! Not a Sinn, but made by Helmutt Sinn under the Chronosport name after selling Sinn..

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