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Hi everyone, I'm new on here and first ever post like this on any forum, so please be gentle

May be silly to post in SINN thread, but would appreciate unbiased opinions with all facts below considered, and will try posting in the TAG thread too.

I'm lucky enough to have just received GB£1,350 = just over US$2000, from a group of friends for my 40th birthday to put towards a watch and I have a nice dilemma of being completely torn between the above two models. I am generally looking for an every day watch that has a sporty element as well as being able to look smart and swaying towards black faces.

The Sinn 6033 comes in at £1330 with UK supplier The RRP in the UK for the TAG is £1875, however I work as a flight attendant on regular trips to Florida and with a combination of duty free price, exchange rate and a travel industry employee discount, I can pick this up in Orlando airport for £1260.

I love the aesthetic of both watches (not dissimilar to one another), but I wonder if I am crazy to pass up the chance of such a good saving on the TAG if it is a much better watch worth it's original price, or am I just paying extra for the branding and profile? The idea of having something different from the mainstream with SINN actually appeals as much as the idea of a TAG being recognized if I'm honest.

I like the idea of the dual time function of the SINN as it would actually be practical for me and used every week with my job, however it seems an expensive gimmick if you compare it in price to say the next model down SINN 556i which I also love, but is £500 less expensive?

Then there is the water resistance of both - the SINN is a reliable 100m and the TAG is only 50m - the difference I gather of being able to swim and shower while wearing it from what I've read?

I am also curious as to whether either watch is a good investment, if they are likely to gain or lose value considerably in the future?

I'd be grateful for any expertise or personal experiences that help with my questions above and may guide me towards a decision, I know it's a personal choice, but I'm having difficulty weighing up the similarities along with the pros and cons of both.

Thank you in advance for any assistance

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Hi Andrew,

Welcome to watchuseek and the Sinn watch forum.

Watches are not an investment. Once purchased they depreciate.
The Sinn 6033 case is 34mm. While that may appeal to you, the demand
is limited for smaller watches. For those who frequently cross time zones
I see the utility in having two time zones displayed. However, I think the
rotating inner ring in the model 6033 does not provide that feature. It may
be worth the extra cost for appearance, but not for function in my opinion.

I would choose a different model. I favor the 40mm Sinn 856 UTC, which
which provides two time zone functionality. It also costs less than the 6033.
While the 38.5mm model 556 is a popular choice here, I prefer the version
with numbers on the dial. Regardless of the model, I have been happy with
Sinn watches. I am fortunate to enjoy a few.

Tag watches are heavily discounted. I do not consider the retail price a
good indicator of value.

While features are a strong consideration I suggest choosing the watch
you find most appealing.


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Hi Rationaltime,
Firstly, I apologise for taking such a long period to get back to your response, which I really appreciated! I did respect all your points and they were well made, but in the end I am now the owner of a SINN 556i and I am delighted with it! Just for your interest, I also ordered the 6033 to compare and the 556i was much more appealing to me, the strap, water resistance and case size being the main deciding factors. Thank you very much again for all your sound and kind advice.
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