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5 reasons, why do not buy watch on SKW NET

  1. No contacts are on web pages (except email adress). No possible to contact them.
  2. The company de facto does not exist. No company uder similar name is not registered in Swiss company register. My swiss friend check it directly in Switzerland.
  3. Ireland contact adress is fictitious too. I found all companies sitting on this adress and call to one of them. They does not know SKW.
  4. They stop to communicate with you immediately, as soon as you want own ordered, paid goods.
  5. Shortly, everything is one big FRAUD and I loss 900USD.
Tomorrow I´m going to Police with criminal announcement.
I refresh this five points on watch forums every week. This is all, what can I do for next potential customer of SKW.

If You like some another information, you can ctc me on: [email protected]
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