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SKX009J1 or SKX009K2

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I see these watches both similarly priced, I am aware that the J1 is made in Japan and the other made in Korea but is there any difference in terms of reliability, build quality etc.

Any info would be great thanks.
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there's no real difference in terms of built and quality.. and if im not mistaken, K does not mean korea, it simply means, anywhere else other than Japan. correct me if im wrong..
No you're correct I have seen some made in Singapore etc. So basically its probably isn't worth the extra for the made in japan on the dial?
(Message edited to exclude some silly remarks made by me due to serious lack of sleep)

As far as the build quality, there really is no difference between the Japanese and non-Japanese Seiko watches. They use the same Japanese-made movement and the watches themselves are virtually identical in material quality and build quality. I would not pay extra for the microscopic lettering on the dial that say "Made in Japan."
Really!!!! I have seen many which do say "Made in Japan".

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The above image is from the suppliers website, the below is an image from this forum on this thread.

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Yeah, I have no clue why I said "Made in Japan" was fake or where on earth I even got that from. That's what happens when you spend a sleepless night watching infomercials. Your mind starts to play tricks on you and you end up saying weird things.

You are indeed right about "Made in Japan." However, everything else I said is true. There is no difference in quality between "Made in Japan" models and those made in Korea or wherever. They all use the same materials, a Japanese-made movement, etc.

Now if you excuse me, I'll go get some sleep before I say any more silly things. Good day.
I must correct you that the letter " K" does not stand for Korea. Seiko watches have been made and assembled in Japan, Malaysia or Indonesia. And there is no difference in the accuracy between the model made in japan with the model made out of Japan.
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