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Smiths Everest. Bots?

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I tried to get an Everest this morning. I was able to put a white one I’m my cart, but the black one was never available. Mistake or are flipper bots now buying them all instantly?
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Not sure if there are bots. I picked up the gilt Everest this morning. It was sold out within two minutes but if you are prepared it’s not hard to get.
1. Register an account and be logged in.
2. Make sure your cc details are in auto fill in your browser
3. Go to the product page at 8:57 am and just refresh the page until you see an add to cart button
4. Add to cart and immediately go to check out.

Process takes maybe 30 sec and you should be able to get whatever you want.
Did all that ...was in cart and I was to last page in a few seconds but snatched out.
Poor design of website imo.

Luckily I didn't want one but was trying to help a friend.
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