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Smiths Everest. Bots?

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I tried to get an Everest this morning. I was able to put a white one I’m my cart, but the black one was never available. Mistake or are flipper bots now buying them all instantly?
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Yay, another thread about this.

Timefactors' buying process sucks. Somebody posted a detailed process for how to get the order submitted in time. If you're really serious about buying one, you can try that.

Or just find another brand that actually gives a crap about their customers. Plenty of cheap Explorer homages out there.
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And isn't 'artificial scarcity' a familiar modus operandi in luxury goods (I'm looking at you, Rolex)?
So Timefactors is "luxury" now? I guess treating your customers like crap is what passes for luxury these days.
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I have a question, can you write great britain on a watch even though it is made in HK?
Great question.

I suspect it's similar to "Made in Germany" which is pretty much meaningless. I'm curious if anyone knows more, though.
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I guess the difference is the fact that it does not state "made in" but simply "Great Britain".
Therefore, I don't think it is misleading anybody or breaking any law.

And just for info in the customs paper the watch is declared with strap and case made in HK and movement made in Japan.
Not misleading? What's a consumer meant to assume when seeing "Great Britain" on a product?
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