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Smiths Everest. Bots?

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I tried to get an Everest this morning. I was able to put a white one I’m my cart, but the black one was never available. Mistake or are flipper bots now buying them all instantly?
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This seems like a lot of work to get a watch!
To be fair, it is a made in China rolex homage, you can buy those all day long on ali-x
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I know, right? People could just buy an alpha explorer or an Addiesdive or somethingno problem. BUt they’re mad because they want something g that’s deliberately hard to get.
My Smiths came not running because it was package so poorly, cost me $100 to return it and I ended up getting a San Martin because it's made so much better At least they're clear about the provenance.

If I had any confidence in the watch I would have sold it to somebody here but I'm not going to pass on a bad lemon. Let's just say the customer service left something to be desired...
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\Link please. All I can see on Ali-x are very poorly made copies but I’d be happy to get another watch with a similar quality for a fraction of the price
I traded my Smiths in for a San Martin. I would have sold the Smiths locally, but I got the thing broken (poor packaging, wouldn't run) and it cost me $100 to return the darn thing.

San Martin is 10x better in quality. The Smiths isn't bad (although that case is so generic, I bought one like that for $10). SM has a variety of sizes (36 & 39) variety of indexes (applied or just lume on dial), even a variety of dial colors. There isn't a huge difference (new) between the San Martin and the Rolex (other than the movement which is hugely different). Even the lume looks the same. The SM is bigger (really 35mm vs 37mm) and oddly wears slightly more comfortable than the 👑.

The Smiths isn't much difference than a "homage" watch I bought for $10, except that the lume is great, and the dial is pretty gorgeous.

SM I bought (black dial, no logo):
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Ok, I didn't know they were on sale on Ali X as well.

10x seems a lot, I will have to check it out.
It says "free returns" which is more than Timefactors did for me.

I'm a little jaded as I've seen too many cheap Chinese watch cases, and the Smiths is the same.
Maybe I'm jaded seeing "Great Britain" on a watch with a waybill from Asia (WTF?)

SM has some really good fit, finish, crisp edges, tight tolerances, flat planes, nice bracelet, decent movement. Best manufacturing I've seen out of Ali-X. But honestly, most people don't' notice or care.
SM occasionally has some sharp edges (i.e. can't easily pull a nato through without scratching it).
Takes no skill to make a Smiths case. Not anywhere near a european made case. Do people notice? I think not.
Still, smiths has some gorgeous dials (and good lume) - not a bad watch if my movement had worked.
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